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Post Number 3 Cleaning Done

Posted on Mon Dec 27th, 2021 @ 9:44am by Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD

Mission: Time To Relax
Location: Independance and Risa
Timeline: Two Days After The Meeting With Jamie


Rayven knew she’d gotten off easy with the commander as he had every right to demote her, the lab and her office and all the equipment had been cleaned. She’d spent forty eight hours straight doing the cleaning he’d ordered and everything sparkled. Exhausted and sore but the task was done.

Rayven stepped from the shower and dressed in a pair of shorts, black tube top and flip flops, brushed her hair and blew it dry. Packing duffel with a few things she’d need for her time on Risa. Slinging the duffel over her shoulder Rayven headed for the transporter room, walking in she handed the operator the coordinates to her parent’s house.

Materlizing a few seconds later and five year old Mindy raced from the house, Rayven knelt and hugged her daughter tightly and started to cry as she stood and carried her daughter into the house.

Her mother Darla hearing someone enter the house walked from the kitchen, seeing Rayven who was in tears and hugging Mindy tightly knew something was wrong. “Why don’t you let Mindy go out and play and you can tell me what’s wrong,”

Nodding Rayven kissed the top of her daughter’s head and set her on the floor, brushing back the tears “I need to talk to grandma, I’ll be out soon okay?”

“Ok mommy,” Mindy said and ran outside followed by her beagle Wizzer.

Rayven put her duffel in her bedroom and managed to compose herself before going to see her mother.

Darla had made some tea and put out some cookies and was waiting for Rayven.

Rayven walked into the kitchen, took a seat at the table but not before checking on Mindy.

“Rayven what is wrong? I’ve not seen you this upset in a long time,” Darla asked

“Eddie,” Rayven said as she filled her mother in on what had transpired over the past couple of weeks.

“Honey there is no way Eddie will get that close to Mindy, your dad keeps a loaded shotgun in our bedroom and there are intruder alarms all over the property not to mention I keep a phaser set on high stun should he ever show up here. Your dad and I will do what it takes to protect your daughter,” Darla assured her. “I think your commander let you off easy. Your home for a couple of days and I want you to relax, you’re a bundle of nerves. Drink your tea and the three of us will go out to the fields. We’ve created a new tea and with your permission we’d like to call it Mindy Tea. It’s the combination of chocolate covered strawberries, raspberries, mint and marshmallow. Give it a try.” Darla said nodding to the cup in front of Rayven.

Picking it up Rayven took a sip and nodded “Mom it’s wonderful, yes by all means I’d be honored to have this named after Mindy

“You calm down, your still shaking, I promise no one will get near Mindy, our workers all adore her too. She’s totally save here with us,” Darla said getting up “Come on let’s go to the fields, ever since I heard your ship was here they’ve been eager to see you and you’ve also been challenged by Kota to a diving completion, he still says he can beet you.”

“Ha, he’s afraid of heights and my last dive was one hundred feet,” Rayven said following her mother out into the yard, taking Mindy by the hand they headed off for the tea fields.



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