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Post Number 7 Relaxing,

Posted on Thu Dec 30th, 2021 @ 5:36pm by Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD

Mission: Time To Relax
Location: Rayven's Parent's House
Timeline: Current


After spending quality time with her daughter, Rayven and her mother cleaned up the dishes from supper. Rayven tucked Mindy into bed after having to read three bedtime stories. Turning off the light in Mindy’s room Rayven walked out onto the front porch and took a seat, night was falling, the moon was just starting to rise and the stars were coming out. Closing her eyes Rayven leaned back in her seat enjoying the time with her parents and daughter.

“You asleep?” her father Ryon asked taking a seat next to her

Opening her eyes Rayven looked at her father and smiled and shook her head “No, I was just thinking about my life and the mess I’ve made of it. Going into Starfleet instead of diving, getting hooked up with Eddie. Then I nearly got my commander killed because of Eddie.

“You know there’s a diving competition tomorrow, why don’t you enter. It’s been a long time since you’ve gone diving and I know Mindy will love to see you dive,” Ryon asked

“She’s been wanting to learn too, I have permission to take her to the ship and teach her in one of the holo-decks,” Rayven said “I think I will enter that competition, mum said Kota has challenged me something about him being able to beat me.”

Ryon reached over and took her hand. “You still hold the record for the highest dive. I never understood why you want to dive off cliffs but you’re good at it. Get some rest and I already signed you up for the competition tomorrow, I figured you’d want to do it.”

“You know me too well, thank you,” Rayven said “If I’m going to win tomorrow I better get to bed. I’ll need to do some warm-up’s before I dive. Good night dad.” Getting up she kissed her dad on the cheek and headed into the house.

Darla walked out “Rayven going to dive?”

“She is,” Ryon said “Did she agree to naming the tea after Mindy?”
“She did and I’m glad, someday this will all be her’s and Mindy’s. Eddie needs to get out of her life and stay out. Did she tell you she offered the commander her resignation from Starfleet?” Darla asked

“No, what brought her to say that? She did tell me something about nearly getting her commander killed but didn’t go into detail,” Ryon said “What happened?”

Darla filled him in on what Rayven had told her “She’s a bundle of nerves and when she got her she was in tears and she held Mindy so tightly.”

“No one will get near Mindy, the staff is always watching and if I get wind he’s here I’ll personally take Mindy off the planet,” Ryon said “The dives for her tomorrow will be good for her. Maybe her commander will see her dive too.”

“That it will be,” Darla agreed “I’m going to check in on both of them then I’m heading to bed. You coming?”

Ryon got up and followed his wife into the house pausing long enough to set the alarms and then peeked in on Rayven and Mindy before going to bed.



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