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Down Time

Posted on Thu Apr 9th, 2020 @ 8:43am by Commander Jamie O'Connell

Mission: Ghost Station
Location: Quarters
Timeline: Current


The door slid open to Jamie's quarters and he entered looking for his bed. Stretching out he thought to himself " This has been a couple of hectic days" and with that, fatigue overtook him and he fell asleep.

After a couple of hours Jamie awoke and made his way to the sink to splash some cold water on his face. He walked over to the replicator and requested " Coffee, hot, cream and sugar." After a moment he grabbed the cup of coffee and made his way to his desk.

With his PADD in hand he scrolled to the Engineering Report from yesterday and sent copies to the Captain and to Lt. Cmdr. Ellis to keep them up to date on what was going on in his Department.

While he had a few minutes he pulled up the data sheets on some of the people in the Engineering Department to try and get some insight into who they were and perhaps what they were like. When he came to Lt.Jg Adrianna Covitchka's sheet he saw someone who had a personality in some ways like his. " Oh this ought to be interesting " he thought to himself; of course he didn't want to make any presumptions until he actually got to know her.

Now it was off for a nice hot shower which he sorely needed.


Jamie O'Connell
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Independence


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