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Post Number 9 Diving

Posted on Sat Jan 1st, 2022 @ 1:59pm by Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD & Commander Jamie O'Connell & Ensign Heather

Mission: Time To Relax
Location: Risa
Timeline: Current


Rayven woke up just as the sun was coming up, pulled on her black one piece swim suit surprised it still fit. Brushing her hair Rayven pulled it into a ponytail and braided it. Slipping on a pair of sandals she then headed for Mindy's room, seeing her daughter already up "Mommy's going to dive you want to come watch? Then tomorrow we'll go back to the ship and I'll teach you in one of the holo decks.

Rayven helped Mindy get dressed in a swim suit and put a skirt on her. Handing her a pair of flip flops.

A short time later after breakfast Rayven took her daughter by the hand and headed to where the competition was going to be held. Arriving at the spot Rayven signed in for the competition, she was looking to beat her old record.

After a couple of days of rest and relaxation, Jamie and Heather packed up their duffles and headed to check out of the Hotel and return to the Independence. When they entered the Lobby Jamie noticed quite a bit of commotion so he asked the desk person "What's going on there seems a lot of activity for so early in the morning."

"There is a diving competition today and our own Rayven Mist is competing to try and break her old record; which still stands by the way" he explained.

"Thank you and where exactly would that be taking place" Jamie asked so the gentleman explained where the competition was being held and how to get there. After everything that had transpired over the past week or so with himself and Rayven, Jamie decided to 'let dead dogs lie' and go and support a member of his Crew and Heather agreed it would be a very good gesture. After thanking the Hotel person for his help Jamie and Heather were off to the Cliffs and surprise Rayven by watching her compete.

Rayven seeing Jamie and Heather took Mindy by the hand and walked over to where they were "Commander, Heather I'd like you to meet my daughter Mindy."

Mindy eyed the two strangers carefully her mother had told her not to talk to strangers but something about them made her feel safe "Mommy's going to dive, way up there," the little girl said pointing to a high spot on the cliff "You gonna watch her? Someday I'm going to be as good as mommy."

Jamie smiled and Heather bent down to Mindy's level and said with a big smile "Hi Mindy.....that's a pretty name for a pretty little girl....yes we're here to watch your Mommy dive. I bet someday when your a grownup girl you'll be just as good as Mommy is."

Jamie looked at Rayven "Best of luck in the competition.....make us proud" he replied being very sincere and forgetting the past events.

"Thank you commander, it's been a long time. I hold the record for the highest. That's one hundred feet. I'm going to try for one hundred ten. Mindy what do you say to Heather?"

Mindy looked up at Heather "Thank you, mommy told me not to talk to strangers, but when she said commander I knowed you was safe."

"Let me take you to where the best seats are. Then I'll need to get up there and do some warmup's," Rayven said "She's my life."

Heather offered a warm smile "Yes....I can see she is....and a precious thing it is too." So Jamie and Heather followed Rayven to some seats that gave a great view of the cliff side.

"Mommy's going to do some warmup dives, we need to find grandma," Rayven said taking her daughter's hand "You'll see why I was hesitant in leave this as a career and join Starfleet. But Starfleet won out. I'll be back in a bit."

Rayven thanked them again for coming and after leaving Mindy with her mother made her way up the cliff to the diving platform and did several shallow dives before heading higher to do the more difficult and dangerous ones.

Heather and Jamie sat watching Rayven practice her dives. When she started up the cliffs for the more demanding dives Heather turned to Jamie "I know what it's like to train for something physically demanding but from what I've seen she should do well" she commented. "Well I guess we'll soon find out" he replied.

Rayven stepped onto the one hundred ten foot mark, there were only three them. Spotters were in the water in case anyone got into trouble. Rayven was the last to dive, the first two did their dives one of them being Kota who vowed he'd beat her. But the end of his dive was a belly flop. Stepping onto the edge of the cliff Rayven turned her back and jumped doing a couple of summeraulst's and some twists before straitening out and hitting the water, swimming over to the ramp she climbed out and took the offered towel.

After Rayven's very successful dive, the spectators all stood cheering and clapping; Heather and Jamie were cheering the loudest in support of a fellow Crew member. Heather turned to Jamie "That girls really good" and he nodded in agreement.

After drying off Rayven wrapped the towel around her waist, one hundred ten feet was a new record. After accepting the trophy and all the congratulations Rayven thanked everyone.

Her mother walked up with Mindy who was a bundle of energy "There's talk about not letting anyone else dive any higher there as the pool isn't deep enough. Looks like your new record is cemented in stone unless they can find a different spot,"

"I know I felt the bottom when I went in," Rayven agreed "Good thing on the ship I can dive as high as I want as I can program the holo deck for deeper dives. I'm sure they'll find another spot that is deep enough." Rayven Picked up Mindy "Your going with me to the ship later and I'll get you started."

"I'll leave you now," Darla said "I need to get back home, congratulations honey."

Rayven watched her mother walk off and she headed over to where Jamie and Heather were "What did you think? That pool is done as anything higher is too dangerous, it's not deep enough."

"Well I for one was very impressed with your dive....and a new record to boot.....congratulations Rayven" Jamie said with a smile. "Yes Jamie is right....that was very impressive indeed and your obviously very physically fit....I know how demanding being really good at something quite physical can be" Heather commented with a smile.

"Thank you,"Rayven said smiling "I work out as often as I can and I do set up the holo deck to swim and dive in. I hope you see why I love it so much and I hope they find a new spot for the dives. But until they do one hundred ten is as high as anyone here is going to be able to do."

After a few more minutes of conversation with Rayven Jamie looked at Heather "You ready to go" he asked then turning to Rayven "You'll have to excuse us....we need to get back to the Ship....I told the Captain I would 'mind the store' so she could spend a few more days at her home since we don't get this way very often; and I'll see you back on board sometime today as per our agreement?"

Rayven nodded "I'll be back aboard in a couple hours, and I'd like to give this to you for believing in me and giving me another chance," Rayven said handing Jamie the trophy

Jamie was lost for words for a few moments then replied "Thank you....but I can't accept earned show me your appreciation just be the best Officer that you can be and I'll be happy."

"Mommy has lots and lots of them," Mindy chimed in.

"And I will, but I'd like you to have it. No one believes I dive, there are those who think I've made this all up," Rayven said.

Jamie could see that Rayven wasn't going to take no for an answer as Heather squeezed his arm "It would be my honor to accept your trophy and I will put it on display in my Ready Room for everyone to see" he replied with a smile.

"Thank you commander," Rayven said "Come on Mindy I need to change and report back to the ship and your coming too so I can start to teach you to dive."

"I see you soon," Mindy said waiving and Jamie and Heather.



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