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Post Number 19 Taking Mindy Home

Posted on Thu Jan 6th, 2022 @ 2:16pm by Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD

Mission: Time To Relax
Location: Independance
Timeline: Current


Rayven had spent the two on the ship with her daughter teaching her how to dive safely in the holo deck. While Mindy was learning quickly she was not ready for anything too high on the planet. But a safe two to three foot dive the little girl could handle. But now it was time for Mindy to return to Risa.

Gathering up her things Rayven took Mindy by the hand and headed for the transporter room, Knowing she couldn’t be of the ship too long. Walking in Rayven gave the officer the coordinates for her parents house and stepped onto the transporter pad along with Mindy. “Energize,”

Seconds later the room changed and they were standing in front of her parent’s house. Darla was waiting when they materlized “Mindy I need to talk to mommy,”

Rayven knelt and hugged her daughter “You be good and mind your grandparents and I’ll be back for a visit as soon as I can okay?”

“Ok mommy,” Mindy said hugging her mother as she ran into the house.

“Rayven we’re going to take Mindy on a vacation for a few months. With Eddie rearing his head again we’re going to be off Risa for a time. We’ll keep you posted where we are at all times,” Darla said

“I’m glad mom, I’ve had her in the holo deck on the ship and if she wants to dive no higher than three feet that’s as high as I was able to get her to dive. She says she okay but I get the feeling she’s afraid of heights,” Rayven commented

Darla nodded “I’ll work with her and see if that is the case.”

“Thanks mom, I need to get back to the ship, I can’t be off too long,” Rayven replied as she hugged her mother goodbye, tapped her com-badge and returned to the ship.



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