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#2 Back to normal

Posted on Thu Jan 13th, 2022 @ 8:40pm by Lieutenant JG Billi & Lieutenant JG Kehlani

Mission: Dispute
Location: lounge
Timeline: current/somewhere in between



Kehlani rapped her fist in time with the song, and several others did the same. The slow, melodic beat was perfect for their song of the warrior; a song for victory.

Qoy qeylIS puqloD
Qoy puqbe'pu'
yoHbogh matlhbogh je SuvwI'
Say'moHchu' may' 'Iw
maSuv manong 'ej maHoHchu'
nI'be' yInmaj 'ach wovqu'
batlh maHeghbej 'ej yo' qIjDaq
vavpu'ma' DImuv
pa' reH maSuvtaHqu'
mamevQo'. maSuvtaH. ma'ov.


Hear! sons of Kahless.
Hear! daughters.
The battle blood perfectly cleans the warrior who is brave and loyal.
We fight, we're passionate, and we kill perfectly.
Our lives are not long, but they're very bright.
We certainly die, and we join our fathers in the Black Fleet.
There we always really continue fighting.
We won't stop. We continue fighting. We compete.


Raucous laughter followed as the Klingons around the table all drank down what was in their cups, and yes, copious amounts of the bloodwine was sloshing around while all the warriors jostled each other in their want to celebrate. They had fifteen barrels to finish, having only emptied three, so far. This victory celebration was the end of House Komar, a rival who had pushed themselves too far, delving into the business dealings of others to try and insinuate themselves into the profit. Grilka had had enough and went to the High Council, laying her proof and her words upon the highest body in the Klingon Empire. They unanimously agreed that House Grilka be allowed to seek vengeance and retribution for her losses. "All spoils belong to House Grilka," she stated. "Tribute will be given to the Chancellor and his ministers after my warriors get their fair share. May you die well." Grilka spun and left.

Now, having used her full vacation time, Kehlani had assaulted an enemy House, helped kill every member of the family still alive, and then gathered the servants and house staff, telling them they now served House Grilka, or they could leave. All stayed. Houses fell far more frequently than outsiders were led to believe, and why abandon your own home to seek employment elsewhere?

Kehlani dipped her mug into the barrel next to her, raising the cup. "To all of you, Qapla'!"

"Qapla'!" Came back in one go from the Klingons.

Kay downed her bloodwine and slammed the mug down. "I must return to my Starfleet duties. It has been an honor to spill blood with all of you. I'll meet you in Sto-Vo-Kor!" She received claps on her back and shoulders as she departed. Receiving a ride back to Independence from a Brel class Bird of Prey, a scout ship, she had new memories to dwell on when she missed her people.


Sitting in 'Ten Forward', Kehlani was lost in thought as she stared down into her warnog, watching the mild carbonation create minute bubbles. Leaning on her right forearm along the bar's edge, Kay had her back at a slight angle to the door. More of her back to the door than she normally allowed herself. After all, not all enemies would be as honorable and let you see their face first, before killing you. It was a Klingon thing. But, despite her focus on her cup, and the ambient chatter around her, with those speaking in quiet tones. This lounge was for all, and rank held no place unless it was for something important. However, her ears had subconsciously caught the sound of the entryway sliding open and shut. That's when she felt the individual approaching from behind, and doing so with caution. "You better hope you're friendly," announced Kehlani as she spun her torso the other way and looked to her right.

Billi had been coming up, but in a way that would not startle Kay. That was one thing she never wanted to repeat. Ever. "Hi, toots. What, you can't come back to your quarters before getting a drink?"

"No, actually, I can't." Kay gave her a crooked grin as both their faces went into friendly and happy mode. Standing up Kehlani gave her closest friend a hug. "Vacation was...satisfying. You?"

Billi gave a quick sticking out of the tongue. "Sure, rub it in. You got to go play Klingon while I was relegated to keeping morale up on Risa," the Orion gave a naughty smile. "There are a lot of lonely people on Risa. It was my duty as an Orion to make sure they met others and enjoyed themselves."

"Sounds simply appaling. Who would have thought, loneliness on Risa." Kahlani gave a sarcastic shake of the head and sat back down. Billi took the barstool next to her. "But, then again, most of the men there are on leave, so they want something romantic. Psht. It's Risa. The whole planet is romantic." She gave a laugh and drank some warnog.

Billi giggled. "I like bump and grind over rub and squeeze. I'm there to enjoy, not find a mate."

Kehlani gave another chuckle. "But, you're right, I do need to shower and clean this armor. Give me about twenty and I'll be back."

Billi gave her a nod and grabbed her hand real quick, giving it a squeeze. Her way, on the sly, of showing how much she appreciated Kehlani. She would wait as long as it took.



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