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Post # 6 - Just A Chat

Posted on Sat Jan 22nd, 2022 @ 2:51pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Lieutenant Gracelyn Walker

Mission: Dispute
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current


{Deck 2 - XO's Office}

A day had passed since the briefing and the Commander finally had some free time; well not really free but he didn't have anything pressing at the moment.

Jamie thought this would be a good time to chat and get to know the Counselor, if she was free, since he was sure they would be working together from time to time. He didn't want to summon her to his Office but rather decided to meet on her own turf...her Office so tapping his Comm "Counselor Walker I was wondering if we could meet in your Office for a chat, if you're free" Jamie said in a pleasant voice.

Grace smiled when he messaged her and responded right away. “Yes, Commander O’Connell. I will meet you there.” She hurried to her office, not wanting to make him wait and sat down at her desk. Grace liked the idea of meeting at her office. It showed some of his character.

{Deck 4 - Counselor's Office}

The Commander walked up to the door which was open and knocked waiting for a reply....he was looking forward to their meeting.

“Please, come in.” Grace said warmly. She stood as she saw the commander walk into her office. She had just gotten done putting some finishing touches on her office. Grace has several Lego projects displayed around the room, as well as some pieces spread out on a table waiting to be put together. “

Jamie entered the Office and walked up to the desk seeing Grace standing "Please have a seat" Jamie said warmly "I don't think we need to stand on ceremony for our chat" as he sat also noticing the rather unusual art work being displayed around the room "The art work....a hobby of yours?"

“It is.” Grace said as she sat down. “It is also a way to calm crew during sessions. I have found some tend to relax and talk more about their problems.”

"That certainly makes sense" Jamie replied then continued "I looked over your Personnel File which is quite impressive....but I was surprised seeing that you are Human and not a lot of Star Fleet's Counselors are of that race."

Grace smiled. “It does seem to be that way.” She admitted. “Ever since I can remember I have a unique way of reading people, listening to them when they need someone to talk to as well as being empathic to their situations.”

"In your line of work being able to read people is definitely a plus, to say the least" Jamie commented "One of which I'm sure the Captain will take full advantage of during our current Mission. Also if there's anything you need or if you just want to talk, my door is always open to everyone on this Crew.....I would imagine even a Counselor needs someone to talk to from time to time."

“That is very intuitive of you.” Grace said with a nod. “I appreciate that and I will take advantage of it if need be.” She liked that he wanted to be there for her and he could bet the rest of the crew as well. It was the sign of an exceptional first officer.
“The crew seems well adjusted. Anything I should be aware of?”

"Yes they are very well adjusted and I'm quite impressed with how well they are willing to work together; that makes for a fine Crew. Lieutenant Zebot, who is the Chief Tactical/Security Officer, has made great strides in setting up a working relationship with the Marines; which to my knowledge is unheard of in Star Fleet. They are going to be working together providing Security or whatever else is needed on our Mission" Jamie stated being quite proud of the Crew.

Then there was one last thing that Jamie wanted to share with Grace "The only other thing you may want to be aware of" he paused for a moment, then Jamie lit up like a neon sign "Ensign Heather Devroe who is a Science Officer and I are engaged to be married."

“Congratulations!” Grace replied with a smile. She knew he was expecting her next question but felt the need to ask. “Will you be able to separate your duty from her being your wife?”

"Thank you" Jamie said beaming from ear to ear "The Captain asked me the same question....the answer is yes....when we're on duty we address each other by rank only.....and if there is ever a disciplinary issue with the Ensign then the Captain will address that keeping me out of the situation all together. That only seems fair to the rest of the Crew."

“What about if we are in the middle of engaging a confrontation.” Grace said quietly. “Could you put the split second decision before your fiance.” She looked in his eyes always feeling an honest approach was best. “Don’t get me wrong I know of couples it has worked fine for and you may be one of them but it is good to explore these questions now.”

Jamie sat for a few moments not really expecting that question as his mind raced "Yes....I'm duty bound to put the Ship and her Crew above all else....even if it means forfeiting my own life....or Heather's. I just pray that it never comes to that" he replied taking stock in even the remotest chance that it could happen.

“So do I.” Grace said sincerely. “I apologize if my question seemed out of line but I am pleased with your answer. I can tell you meant what you said.” She didn’t want him upset at her question or the thought she was out of line.

Jamie offered a warm smile "First of all Counselor your not out of line; it's just as much your job as it is mine to make sure the Ship and Crew are in good hands. I would expect nothing less from you" he replied being very sincere.

“Thank you for that.” Grace replied, smiling in return. “I can tell you and I are going to get along well. We both have the best interests of the crew at heart.”

"Yes I believe we do and I look forward to working with you in the days to come" Jamie stated realizing he had been here for awhile "I should be going, I think I've taken up enough of your time and have enjoyed our chat."

“Thank you for stopping by.” Grace said sincerely. “You didn’t take up my time I am glad to have had this meeting. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day.”

"Your welcome Counselor and it was time well spent" Jamie replied as he stood with a smile then turned and left to take care of a few more things before his day ended.


Lieutenant Gracelyn Walker
Chief Counselor
USS Independence

Commander Jamie O'Connell
Executive Officer
USS Independence


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