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Post Number 8 An assignment

Posted on Wed Jan 26th, 2022 @ 12:47pm by Captain Mystery Ellis & Lieutenant JG Jordan Haines

Mission: Dispute


Admiral Judson Haines sat in his office, staring at his computer, irritation was running rampant through his body. He was out of options for what to do at this point. He sat for the longest time perusing the ships within the fleet when he stopped on the USS Independence. A smile widely crossed his face and a plan formed. Looking up the manifest he checked out the crew and decided that it was perfect for what he had in mind.

Pressing his intercom, he ordered his assistant to get Captain Ellis on the line, he needed to speak to her immediately. Jordan was not going to like this at all, but he would follow orders or there would be hell to pay.

",Captain in coming message. It's Admiral Haines," communications said

"Pipe it to my ready room " Mystery ordered as she headed to her office. Taking a seat she called up the message "Admiral what can i do for you,?:

Judson smiled immediately. She had already left him an opening. Might as well get right to the point.

"I am glad you asked me that," Judson replied smoothly. "I see the Independence is in need of an assistant to your security chief."

"I am, admiral," Mystery replied "My chief is doing a hell of a job and could use some help. I take you have someone in mind for me?"

"I do." Admiral Haines said quietly. "I will be frank and to the point. He is my son, though it pains me to say that. He is arrogant and hardheaded. There are times I would swear he is out to ruin his own life. I am assigning him to the Independence, and I expect you and your security chief to straighten him out."

"I've dealt with hard headed officers in the past and between the security chief, my first officer and I, I'm sure we can straighten him out. Or he'll clean the latrines if he's not careful," Mystery said "He'll get no special treatment because he's your son sir."

"I don't expect him to receive any." Judson nodded. "Don't expect him to just lay down and do it. Jordan is sneaky." He paused. "The only thing you cannot do is kick him off the ship." His eyes met hers. "I want him turned into a damn fine officer."

"I'll do my best sir and no I won't kick him off the ship. Just how bad is he?"

"Jordan grew up among unsavory people." Judson explained. "His mother had custody of him. He hates rules and discipline. Jordan won't follow regulations, refuses to cut his hair and at times his uniform is less than tidy. He says what he thinks and will cuss you out. He has no respect for authority."

Mystery couldn't help but smile, "He's going to be a challenge and trust me admiral he'll tow the mark here, to be honest I'm looking forward to this. He reminds me of someone I dealt with back in my special forces days. He refuses to cut his hair I'll cut it for him. I'll do what I can. So will the chief and my XO"

"See." Judson replied with a warning. "That will only piss him off." He paused. "He pulled an exemption for cutting his hair. It is considered a matter of honor and status to Cheyenne warriors. Starfleet allowed him to keep it."

"My apologies admiral, I served with a young officer who was an Apache, she was granted permission to wear earrings of her tribe. Thank you for telling me about his hair permission. I'll make a notation in his file," Mystery said "Nothing will be said."

“I will notify him of his new assignment.” Judson said all business now. “Expect him in the next two days.”

"I'll be ready sir," Mystery replied "I'll inform my first officer as well."

“It might be advantageous to fill in the security chief as well.” Judson spoke authoritatively. “He will be working closely with her.”

Mystery nodded "I'll call them both in for a meeting and inform them of our conversation. Give them a good heads up. Trust me admiral I'll do my best to straighten him out."

“I am counting on all of you.” Judson said quietly and ended the call. There was no doubt from the tone of his voice he expected nothing less than success.



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