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#14 Non-Network

Posted on Wed Feb 2nd, 2022 @ 12:17pm by Lieutenant Ken Kudo

Mission: Dispute
Location: CEO's office
Timeline: current


For the past few months, in-between his normal duties and his play time, Lieutenant Ken Kudo had been working on a dedicated backup system. All on his own, with no one else's help. It was a class four system, designed to provide minimal main power should all other backups fail. He had low-crawled through wiring trunks and tight jeffries tubes to complete his modifications. But, it was all finished. Ken had spent the past week simply activating certain sections of the system, running diagnostics, and seeing to any glitches.

Sitting at his desk in the CEO's office, angled so no one could see what was on his monitor screen if they came through the door, Kudo added the specially modified system into the systems for the ship. The Independence now had a dedicated, non-networked power grid that could not be infected like other systems if the main computer was compromised. Alien and enemy algorithms would not be able to reach into this backup due to its solitary existence, with no reliance on the other systems except for power issues. But, even then, power distribution did not carry viruses over to every system, it was merely regulated by machinery. Adding his lockout codes to the data and securing it within his personal log files, Kudo sat back with a satisfied grin on his face. Enemies would have to manually, and physically, stop the backup.

Getting up from his chair Ken straightened his tunic and left his office, his palm PADD in his thigh pocket. It was time to inform the CO and XO of the new system modifications before he actually activated it.



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