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Post # 18 - Best Laid Plans

Posted on Fri Feb 18th, 2022 @ 9:28am by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot & Captain Mystery Ellis & Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor & Lieutenant Kasm & Lieutenant Brooks Balrog & Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD & Crewman Thomas Jefferson
Edited on on Sat Feb 19th, 2022 @ 5:24pm

Mission: Dispute
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


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[[Unnamed Disputed Moon]]

Kranis looked up at the sound of screaming coming from one of the larger caverns off to his left. His neck frill flared instinctively as he reached for his weapon. "Did you hear that?"

Lohsa reached for her weapon as well, her neck frill standing at attention as was his. She turned to key in a coded message to her superiors on Mantra, letting them know they were in trouble, when a bellow from several meters away resonated in her sternum. Kranis didn't even have a chance to cry out before his blood splattered hot across her face.

[[USS Independence Bridge]]

"Captain, I'm receiving a hail from Mantra." Balrog said, uncharacteristically lucid as he stuck a snack from his pocket. "It's the Mantrans."

"On Screen." Mystery said, taking her chair.

The screen flickered and the irate face of a lizard like Mantran peered through the screen as if looking at some foreign technology. "Am I on? Can they hear me?"

At the sound of what must have been assent, the Mantran began speaking. "This is Minister Sho'wan of the Mantran Consortium. I demand to know the meaning of your ship arming itself and targeting our moon!"

Kasm looked up from his station, blinking.

Commander O'Connell was shocked after hearing what the Minister had just told them, turning to Tactical "Lieutenant Zebot can you confirm the Minister's allegations" a very concerned Jamie asked.

After a few minutes Katlyn had the answer but probably not what the Commander wanted to hear "Commander....the Minister is correct....our Ship is targeting their originated from Helm" she informed the XO being very shocked at her findings.

Jamie shot a look towards Lieutenant Kasm then tapped his Comm "Ensign Dubois, report to the Bridge right away" he could feel his Irish temper starting to kick in, but managed to keep it at bay. A few minutes later the Ensign walked onto the Bridge "You wanted me Commander" Gabriella asked being a little perplexed at the moment.

O'Connell stood "Lieutenant Kasm, you are relieved of duty....please step away from're confined to Quarters until further notice" looking at the Ensign "The Helm is all yours" Jamie ordered wishing he didn't have to do this.

Kasm doesn't even question the order, though he is a bit confused by it as his shift is not over yet. So his being dismissed is just a waste of his time. Hitting the command on the Helm to shut down the Pandoran interface so that the crewman coming in to replace him doesn't get confused by there being a proper language on the terminal.

Turning from the station he walks towards the turbolift without an apparent care in the world, from the rest of the bridge crew's perspective he is acting as if it was just the end of a normal shift, and for Kasm it is the end of his shift and there is no reason to act any differently than any other day.

"Before you go lieutenant I'd like to know why you were targeting that moon? Destroying it could have put us into the middle of a war," Mystery said

Pausing, Kasm turns to the Captain and says "You should ask the computer why it chose to use the targeting scanners, as I was only scanning the planet looking for fault lines in order to create a plan for launching a spread of photon torpedo's to destroy it." Having answered the question he turned to continue towards the turbo lift. Most of the bridge crew stunned by the nonchalant way in which he explained himself with not a hint of emotion in his response. Its issues like this that reinforce the fact that computers are a bane to civilization.

Looking at Mystery "I don't like the sound of the Lieutenant's explanation.....I think we should have Zebot run a full diagnostic on the scanners at Helm as soon as possible. I'd hate to see a war start over a glitch in the scanners" Jamie reasoned in a low voice " Before we even think about any disciplinary actions against Mr. Kasm."

"Agreed, Lieutenant run a full diagnostic on the helm and targeting sensors. I want to know what caused the helm to target that moon,"

A review of the computer records shows that Kasm had run a scan of the moon and discovered that there were caverns in the moon that are being hidden by scan blockers preventing anyone from knowing what is occurring within them. After those scans were completed apparently Kasm had asked the computer to scan the moon with all available scanning processes. A glitch in the system caused the computer to interpret the request in such a way that included All scanning systems including the weapon targeting scanners.

"We need to make sure that kind of glitch does not happen again," Mystery said.

Lieutenant Zebot over heard what the Captain had just said "Commander with your permission I can go down to the Computer Room and write a few lines of code to correct this problem from happening again" she stated being very confident in her suggestion.

Commander O'Connell looked towards the Lieutenant "Permission some of that Computer magic of yours" he ordered. Katlyn nodded, turned and left the Bridge.

Mystery turned to deal with the Mantran leader.

"I'm Captain Ellis in command of this ship, the targeting of the moon was done without my knowledge or permission. We'll assist in any way possible."

Balrog cleared his throat. "Uh, Captain, we're being hailed by the Destins."

"On screen, I want both leaders on split screen," Mystery said.

"Yes, ma'am!" Balrog gulped as he reached for the controls. While his hand hovered over the button to bring up the split screen, a cracker fell from his palm to hit another button, jamming all frequencies.

"What the hell! Get that fixed and get them on the split screen!" Mystery demanded "I need to know what they want!"

Without saying a word the Commander stood up and walked over to the Ops Console to Balrog's right "Is there a problem Lieutenant" he asked as a nervous Balrog was fumbling at the controls. Jamie noticed a flashing light going off on the Comms portion of the Panel so he reached down and pushed it which restored the Comm's split screen. Looking at a frustrated Lieutenant Jamie whispered "Your welcome" with a grin and returned to his seat.

"Thank you!" Balrog exclaimed without realizing that he had hit another button, unknowingly giving the Mantrans an extreme close up of his face instead of the entire bridge view.

A little while later Lieutenant Zebot returned to the Bridge "Captain the scanning glitch has been fixed. From now on the Computer will ask if you wish to invoke the Targeting Scanners when scanning anything...this will take care of any future problems like the one we had earlier" Katlyn explained.

"Thank you lieutenant," Mystery said as she turned to the main screen "I apologize for the targeting of the moon. We had a computer glitch and it has now been corrected. I have no plans to order an attack on the moon. What are your concerns and how can we assist you?"

Sho'wan's neck frill flared several times as he watched the scene unfold on the bridge, but eventually he mastered his anger. "We will discuss this breach of etiquette later. For now, I need your help. It seems that an...independent... Mantran mining operation is in trouble on the disputed moon. We need your help in staging a rescue operation."

Mystery: "Have the Destins been contacted as well? I'm investigating the reason my ship targeted that moon. It was done without any order from me."

Sho'wan's gaze seemed to penetrate the Captain, while at the same time his skin color subtly changed from bright red, to pink, then bluish. "That uh...that would not be advisable. The Destins won't understand our predicament, and will object to the rescue operations. We must act fast Captain, the lives of those miners depends on it! Can I count on you or not." His skin color had returned to a neutral sand color as he awaited her answer.

"I need to know just what I'll be dealing with and why the Destins can't know." Mystery asked "Send me the information on the mine so my science department can go over it."

"Very well." Sho'wan said as the screen went blank before the Destins' hail could come on screen.


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