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Post #2 - On Our Way

Posted on Wed Mar 23rd, 2022 @ 10:12am by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot

Mission: Character Development
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current


{Deck 1 - Bridge}


Looking over at her XO "Commander I'm going to my quarters, please alert me when we arrive at Jupiter Station. You have the com."

[End Snip]

"Aye Captain" Jamie replied as Mystery stood and left Command.

After the Captain left the Bridge the Commander settled back in his seat enjoying the usual hum-drum sounds of the area "Steady as she goes Lieutenant Kasm" came the order.

Soon his mind began to wander remembering the events of the past week. It was too bad that the two Planets couldn't come to some sort of agreement on who had claim to the least they both did agree to stop mining operations and leave the Benzee in peace....that in itself was a clear win for that species.

Lieutenant Zebot was at Tactical doing her usual scans of the area ahead of the Ship making sure there weren't any unexpected surprises along the way. Kat was hoping to touch base with Chief Zeb when they arrived at Jupiter Station....she was always happy to see her old Mentor. She also was hoping to spend some time with Gabriella and rekindle their friendship since they hadn't had much time to spend together with both their individual duties aboard Ship.....especially Kat's....balancing two jobs at the same time. Although she wouldn't have it any other way.

The Commander had heard that the Independence may possibly be getting a couple of new Crew once they arrived at the Station; but that was only speculation at this point. Then his mind shifted towards a more personal nature....he was looking forward to spending some uninterrupted quality time with Heather and maybe even start thinking about wedding plans....he really wanted to marry that gorgeous creature and spend the rest of his days with Heather.

The hours rolled on by as the Ship headed towards Jupiter Station in an uneventful fashion.....shortly they would be within hailing distance and he would notify Mystery of their arrival.


Commander Jamie O'Connell
Executive Officer
USS Independence

Lieutenant Katlyn Zebot
Chief Tactical/Security Officer
USS Independence


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