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Post # 13 - Old Friends

Posted on Mon Mar 28th, 2022 @ 12:33pm by Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot & Lieutenant JG Valentina Ferron

Mission: Character Development
Location: Various
Timeline: Current



{Deck 2 - Quarters}

Katlyn had the day off and was thinking about going down to the Station just to have some time off the Ship. Tapping her Comm "Ensign Dubois this is Lieutenant Zebot" Kat said wondering what her friend was up to.

"Ensign Dubois here....go ahead" she replied being glad to hear from Kat.

"I was thinking of going down to the Station and was wondering if you'd like to come with" she asked not knowing what the answer would be since they hadn't seen each other in quite awhile.

After a few moments "I'd like that....spending some time together" Gabriella replied wondering how their time together would be like "When ever your ready is fine with me."

Katlyn smiled then said "I'll meet you in Transporter Room Two in about twenty minutes."

"See you then" Gabriella replied being happy to spend some time with her friend for a change.

{Jupiter Station}

The two friends materialized at the Station and began leisurely walking around looking at some of the Shoppes while talking about what they had been doing since they last met.

After awhile Gabriella stop and looked at Kat "There's a nice little Pub around the corner that has the best food from what I hear....would you like to check it out" she asked feeling a little awkward for some was almost like a first date; but not really.

Katlyn smiled feeling a little uneasy at the moment "That sounds nice....lead the way" she replied.

The two friends walked into the Pub.....grabbed a table and sat waiting for some service. Shortly a waitress came over and they ordered their food along with something to drink.

They sat eating their meal when Gabriella looking into Kat's eyes "I'm not quite sure how to say this.....maybe we should just be know hang out together when we can.....and not worry about the other" she said being a little nervous what the answer would be.

Kat suddenly had a big smile come across her face "Oh my's like you were reading my mind.....I've been nervous about this the whole time....and yes I think that's a good idea....let's just concentrate on being friends and not worry about the other" a very relieved Kat replied. Suddenly the tension between them was gone as they both began to laugh.

"I was so afraid you'd be mad and not want to hang out anymore.....that is such a relief....I miss just spending time together" a very happy Gabriella replied with a smile "I feel so much better now that the air has been cleared."

"Me too" Kat replied. The ladies finished their meal and had another drink while talking both being a lot more at ease and laughing like they used to do.

After they left the Pub Kat asked "I was thinking of stopping by and saying hello to Zeb while I'm here.....would you like to tag along...I won't be long."

"Sure why not.....that's the gentleman that was your Mentor at the Academy wasn't he" Gabriella commented.

"Yes....I can't be at the Station and not go see him....he'd never forgive me if he found out....besides I never know when I might need his help on something down the road" Kat replied as the two left for the Computer Center.

The two friends walked into the Center and Kat saw Zeb hard at work as usual. Walking over to where he was "Hi Chief....busy as usual I see" Kat stated with a smile. Zeb looked up then smiled from ear to ear " nice to see you....what brings you around" the Chief replied "And I see you brought your gorgeous friend with you. So what do I owe the pleasure of having two sexy ladies in my humble and otherwise dull corner of the Station."

"Still quite the charmer reason....just wanted to stop by and say hello to an old friend" Katlyn responded noticing Gabriella was smiling not minding the attention from the Chief.

"So how's things on the Independence these all the computers humming along I'm sure" Zeb said knowing he still had a lot of work ahead of him today.

"Things are going well, although I seem to be spending more time as Chief of Tactical/Security than I am Computer Specialist" Kat replied with a smile.

"Well you always did like a challenge if I remember correctly" Zeb commented then looking at Gabriella "And what do you do aboard Ship my dear...I don't think you ever said."

"I'm a Flight Control Officer and work Helm" she replied hoping Zeb knew what she was talking about.

Then looking back over at Kat "So does she navigate the Ship well" he asked.

"Very well" Kat replied "I can see your up to your eyeballs in work so we should be going."

"I'm not surprised to hear that since she's a friend of yours" Zeb stated "Yes sadly I'm up to it in work which is par for the course. It was great to see you Kat....and you to Gabriella....stop in anytime your in the area."

Kat leaned over and gave Zeb a kiss on the cheek "Take care old friend.....and I'll see you again."

The Chief smiled "You just made my day....take care you two" he replied and the ladies turned and left the Center.

After a little more time had passed with walking and talking Kat commented " I hate to say this but there are a couple of things back on the Ship that I should check I should probably return."

"I'll go back too.....I think I've had enough of the Station for today "Gabriella replied "Kat I was wondering.....would you like to meet later this evening in the Lounge for some drinks....if you don't have other plans that is."

"I'd love to and no I don't have any other plans.....let's say nineteen hundred at the lounge" Kat asked. "That works for me" came the reply. Kat smiled at Gabriella then tapping her Comm "Transporter Room....two to beam back to the Ship."


Ensign Gabriella Dubois
Flight Control Officer
USS Independence

Lieutenant Katlyn Zebot
Chief Tactical/Security Officer
USS Independence


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