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Post Number 3 Briefing

Posted on Fri Apr 8th, 2022 @ 3:12pm by Captain Mystery Ellis & Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD & Commander Jamie O'Connell & Lieutenant Kasm & Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot & 2nd Lieutenant Tracey West Jr

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines
Location: Briefing Room
Timeline: Current


After a lengthy argument with Admiral Wilson Mystery finally gave up. Orders were orders and while this was one set of orders she didn’t want any part of they came from a superior officer. And they had to be followed. Sighing Mystery tapped her com-badge “This is the captain, we have orders senior staff report to the briefing room.” She thought for a moment, "And Second Lieutenant West."

Commander O'Connell was already on his way to the Bridge when he heard Mystery's call. Walking into the Briefing Room he saw Mystery standing by the table and she didn't look happy "Good morning Captain" Jamie greeted with a smile as he grabbed a cup of coffee "What's going on."

Lieutenant Zebot had just left her quarters when she heard the page and beat feet to Deck 1. Upon entering the room she greeted everyone "Captain...Commander, good morning" she said sensing some tension in the room. Jamie went over and sat next to Katlyn as she smiled then leaned over and whispered "What's up with the Captain....she doesn't look pleased." "Don't know but I guess we'll find out shortly" he replied with a grin.

Rayven walked in carrying a PADD "Sorry I'm late captain."

"I want to thank you all for coming, we have new orders and I'm not happy about them. I received a call from Admiral Wilson and our orders are to go to Romulus and rescue some undercover operatives." Mystery said

"Across the neutral zone? Captain that is a violation of the treaty and they could consider it an act of war," Rayven spoke up "Has the admiral taken leave of his senses?"

"I asked him that very same thing Rayven," Mystery said "We have our orders. Questions anyone else?"

"How did we get volunteered?" Ken asked

"The admiral didn't say, but I want engineering to do is get busy on holo emitters, this ship needs to look like a Romulan War Bird. Mist you know how to change transponder codes, right?" Mystery said

"Yes I do and once we're close enough to the Neutral Zone and Lieutenant Kudo let's me know the holo emitters are ready I'll change the transponder to make us appear to be a war bird," Rayven said

"Kasm as soon as this is over get us away from the station and set course for the Neutral Zone warp four." Mystery said tapping her com-badge "Second Lieutenant West this is the captain, please report to the briefing room."

Kasm looked at the Captain and says "Any particular part of the neutral zone Captain?"

"Direct heading for Romulus," Mystery replied

The Commander sat listening and couldn't believe what he was hearing as he thought "Bloody Hell!!!! The Neutral've got to be kidding me." After a few more moments "Captain I sure hope the Admiral knows what he's getting us into......this is going to be tricky situation to say the least" Jamie stated being very concerned about the whole mission; although he knew orders were orders....he just hope they all lived to tell the tale later.

Looking at the Commander, Kasm was confused by the statement that was just made. All they were doing was traveling to another planet to pick someone up. Though he has never been accused ever being curious about anything he was sure that he was missing something and said "Commander, why are you acting in this fashion? Should you not just accept the task set before you and complete it?"

"I asked the admiral if he's taken leave of his senses and he told me he's counting on me to not start a war. That's why the holo emitters are a must to make us look like a war bird and Lieutenant Mist has to change our transponder code so we read as a war bird," Mystery said shifting her attention to Kasm "Lieutenant our crossing the Romulan Neutral Zone is in direct violation of the treaty we have with the Romulan Star Empire. They stay on their side and we stay on ours. Crossing it is an act of war."

"Means we're gonna be walkin through a mine field and hopin we come out with our legs still on." Trace said as he entered the briefing room. "Captain," he said, coming to parade rest. "Second Lieutenant Tracey West reporting as ordered."

"I am not sure how you lose legs walking through a field of mines, so long as you watch where you are going you will not have to worry about falling in." Turning to the captain, Kasm continues "I am not quite clear on the concept of war or how crossing the border is an act related to it."

Mystery nodded. "Have a seat Lieutenant. I want you to have the Marines ready in case they're needed."

Trace nodded. "We're always ready ma'am, but I'll make sure we're extra ready."

Mystery looked to Kasm "Losing ones legs in this instance is a figure of speech, the issue with our crossing the Neutral Zone being an act of war is because we'll be violating a treaty the Federation signed with the Romulan Star Empire. Both sides command very powerful ships. After a bloody war both sides agreed to end it providing neither side crossed into the other one's space. Should a Romulan ship cross over into Federation space they'll either be fired on or escorted back into Romulan space. Same with a Federation ship crossing into Romulan space. The hard part with the Romulans is they can cloak. While we may not see one once we cross does not mean they won't be there and we could easily be surrounded. One ship against two or more Romulan War Birds will stand no chance if they fire on us. Thus the holo emitters and the transponder change. We'll the be able to pass as a Romulan ship and hope the emitters hold."

Lieutenant Zebot chimed in "Captain, from a Tactical/Security standpoint we may want beef up security aboard Ship while we're in the Neutral Zone just so there's no surprises coming our way....especially if the marines are deployed" she suggested trying to cover all contingencies.

"And that no one thinks to look out a window." Trace added. "It'll be tricky, but tricky is what we do."

"This will be an extraction and I don't know what we'll be dealing with. I do suggest that your have your people go to sick bay and be altered to look like Romulans to blend in. Security tighten ship security as I don't know what I'm getting us into. Communications tie in universal translator for all communications once we enter the neutral zone. Kasm you'll need to be ready on a moments notice to get us out of there if things go bad," Mystery said."

"Not to point out the obvious.....but the sooner we get in there and get the extractions done then the sooner we can leave and get back across the Neutral Zone before we're spotted" Jamie stated matter-of-factly.

"Well said commander," Mystery replied "Get the holo emitters online to make us look like a War Bird and Mist get that transponder code changed. Lieutenant West ready your marines, get them to sick bay to be altered to resemble Romulans. Any other questions or concerns?"

Kasm says to no one in particularly "it seems to me we should just announce ourselves to these romulans and just tell them we are going to pick up our associates on Romulus..." as he gets up to head to the bridge.

Not hearing any other questions or comments Mystery got to her feet, tapped her com-badge "Lieutenant Kasm take us out of dock and once clear of the Starbase engage warp drive. Warp four heading Romulus." Turning her her assembled officers "You all have your instructions. Dismissed."



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