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Post Number 12 New Look

Posted on Thu Apr 14th, 2022 @ 9:41am by Captain Mystery Ellis & Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines
Location: Bridge and Sick Bay
Timeline: Current


With most of the bridge crew having been to sick bay to be altered to resemble Romulans it was time for Mystery and Rayven to go. Jamie had returned and grinned when Mystery saw her XO. This had to work. “Commander you’d fool anyone. Mist and I are heading down now. Lieutenant Kasm are you willing to head to sick bay and be temporarily altered to resemble a Romulan? Commander while we’re gone get with engineering and have holo emitters set up on the bridge so once our err damaged communications are repaired. We’ll need visual and we’ll need to have the bridge look like that of a War Bird. Mist let’s go,”

Rayven nodded, turned science over to another officer and head out with Mystery.

“Captain I just hope the admiral knows what he’s gotten us into,” Rayven said as they headed for sick bay.

“That makes two of us, and having someone counter my orders and have the phaser banks at full power need to be talked to. It’s just good that we didn’t damage the Dauntless too badly. I’ll have to answer for that and the admiral won’t be happy,” Mystery said walking into sick bay

Nurse Grimm walked over when Mystery and Rayven entered “I take it you’re here for the alterations too,”

“We are,” Mystery replied “I’ll go first as I’ll be needed on the bridge.”

“Have a seat captain,” Natasha said indicating the nearest bio bed

Mystery took a seat the Natasha set to work, the process took about forty five minutes when she finished Mystery was handed a mirror, taking a look at her new face “This will fool them, I’ll be so glad when this assignment is done. Your turn Rayven and make sure you change your uniform too.”

“Understood captain,” Rayven replied as Mystery left sick bay, headed to her quarters for a change of uniform and back to the bridge.

Jamie looked up as Mystery returned to her seat “Wow captain that’s quite a change.”

“I’ll be glad when this is over. Mist will be up soon,” Mystery said tapping her com-badge “Lieutenant West we’re on course for Romulus get your team altered and be ready. Commander we should also think about different com-badges too.”

About that time Rayven returned to the bridge and over to her station “What do you think?” she asked

“You’ll pass as well, I just hope everything holds,” Mystery commented

“I’ll keep an eye on everything captain,” Rayven assured her

Mystery leaned back and watched the lead Romulan ship they were following.


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