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Heading Out

Posted on Tue May 10th, 2022 @ 2:43pm by Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot & Ensign Heather

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current


{Deck 2 - XO's Quarters}

Heather woke up at zero four hundred to go and work out for awhile. Looking over at the Romulan laying next to her, she leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek figuring to let him sleep since he had been pulling some long hours on the Bridge for obvious reasons.

After the kiss she thought to herself "One thing's for sure Jamie's face was much more kissable as a human" as she got out of bed and dressed for her workout with a smile on her face.

When Heather walked out into the living area she grabbed the Bat'leth off the wall to use in her workout. Most of her things were now in their Quarters and Jamie had graciously given her some space on the wall to hang the weapon that he had given her months ago. Heather smiled knowing that Jamie would most likely give her anything that she asked for.....just another reason why she love the Commander so very much.

{Deck 3 - Holodeck}

Heather walked up to the door in her usual workout attire and paused "Computer initiate Devroe 21, level 3" she requested. "Initiating Devroe 21.....level 3 not recommended" came the reply.

The door slid open and Heather strolled in to do her warmups first. After several minutes of warming up her cold muscles she called out "Computer two Klingon Warriors" and moments later she was face to face with two large hunks of flesh.

Twirling the Bat'leth in her usual manner she stood her ground as one of the Klingons commented "Today is a good day for you to die." Heather shrugged "We'll see about that" she touted. Then she moved slowly and methodically moving the weapon from side to side. The first came directly at her as she turned and brought the weapon to bear across his neck-shoulder area....moments later he was gone as she faced the second even larger adversary. He struck first and barely grazed he arm. She looked down for a moment then exclaimed "Ok so want to play that game do you" When he came at her again, Heather ducked and as he went past she wheeled the weapon strait at his neck thereby removing his head.

Heather rested for a few minutes then called out "Computer three Klingon Warriors" which would be much more of a challenge. The first came at her as she stepped aside then brought the Weapon down upon his head thereby splitting his skull. The next attack brought the two remaining Warriors towards her as she thought "Ok now we're getting somewhere, double the fun." When they reached her Heather used both ends of the Bat'leth and engaged first one then the other for several minutes having a serious amount of fun at the same time. When she tired of the duo Heather planted the weapon in the First's stomach and with a yell forced the weapon with an upwards motion opening his torso entirely. Now it was just the last Warrior to contend with.

As the last one started to come towards her she ran towards him and sprang up and somersaulted over his head...landed....turned and with a loud yell proceeded to plan the Bat'leth in the middle of his skull where it stuck.

By the time this had ended Heather had broken a rather hefty sweat and figured that was enough for one day being quite pleased with herself. One never knew but this type of fighting may very well save her life one day or the life of someone she loved.

When Heather exited the Room she noticed a Romulan women walking towards her as she instinctively grasped the Bat'leth a little tighter. As the women came closer Heather looked "Katlyn is that you" he queried with a smile.

"Yup, it's me alright....that is the new Romulan me" she answered with a chuckle "So what do you think."

Heather just grinned "I think I like the old Kat much better.....seeing all these Romulans on board is kinda creeping me out just a little....not to mention sleeping next to one" she replied with a chuckle of her own.

Katlyn didn't comment but just stood and stared at Heather for a few moments.

Noticing the stare Heather asked " I have something hanging from my nose" she said feeling a little uncomfortable at the moment.

Kat smiled "I'm sorry Heather....but your outfit...well lets just say the uniform hides quite a lot of your beauty" she replied feeling a little ashamed at the present "I didn't mean to make you uneasy....but damn women you certainly have a gorgeous body....lucky Jamie."

Heather just smiled back "That's ok Kat and thank you for the compliment. I guess you've never seen me in my workout clothes before. Actually I was wearing the very same outfit the first time Jamie and I worked together....I think he had a hard time concentrating at the time" she commented with a laugh.

"I can understand that...I almost feel sorry for him....well almost" Kat stated as both ladies began to laugh at the thought of Jamie's then circumstance. "I should be going I have to be on the Bridge soon and sorry again for the stare earlier."

"That's quite alright Kat....I'm truly flattered knowing your sexual preference" Heather replied with a grin. Kat smiled and nodded and left for the Bridge. Heather feeling pretty good about herself at the moment headed back to their Quarters for a nice hot shower.


Ensign heather Devroe
Science Officer
USS Independence

Lieutenant Katlyn Zebot
Chief Tactical/Security Officer
USS Independence


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