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Post Number 28 Rescue

Posted on Tue May 17th, 2022 @ 7:11pm by Captain Mystery Ellis & Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


Fredericks gritted his teeth as his fingers flew over the LCARS control panel on the shuttle, causing it to weave unsettlingly. West was tight lipped, his face a nuanced mask of suffering, but when he spoke, his voice was full of authority. He was a battle field commander, born and bread, and this was his bread and butter.

"Listen up! He shouted over the whine of the engines. Setting down in a storm is no picnic, but we've trained for this!"
"Once we've landed, head straight in to the compound. Remember, we're Tal Shiar Romulans and we belong here!"

Billi listened, looking up at West. "Understood. Vulcans are immune to my pheromones, Romulans are not. Could be an advantage should we need it."

"Understood Lieutenant." West said, "You keep a lid on that unless I say. Otherwise this could go sideways pretty quick." He grunted as the Shuttle touched down. The three marines and Lt Billi filed out of the craft, and onto the surface of Romulus, a wildcat of a storm dumping sheets of rain on them. West turned back and looked at the shuttle which, thanks to the holo emitters looked like a Romulan craft. "Let's head out!" He shouted over the storm.

Billi's uniform denoted her as a centurion, which if compared to Starfleet would put her right about lieutenant commander in rank. As expected another centurion came out of a doorway flanked by two sentries, both carrying plasma rifles and sidearms in holsters. According to protocol, and to maintain the ruse, Billi had stepped in slightly behind and to the side of West's right shoulder, making him the lead officer in this group. Having only a sidearm on she clasped her hands behind her back and stood at parade rest as they stopped a few meters away from their greeters.

West noticed the prisoner behind the centurion, his head bowed against the wind and rain. "We are here to retrieve the Vulcan spy as agreed. Release him to our custody." He said in flawless Romulan. The Centurion grunted, and the sentries pushed the prisoner forward. West took him by the arm and guided him behind him so that his marines had a hold of him. West nodded and turned to leave.

They had gotten about half way back to the shuttle when Williams spoke up. "Uh, sir?" He said, tapping West on the shoulder. He turned and watched as the centurion placed his hand to his ear, then shouted something at the two sentries. Suddenly, an alarm went up and figures all around the compound started moving.

Billi had remained where she was as West turned back to the shuttle, playing the last officer to turn and leave as she kept an eye on things. Billi drew her sidearm and held it down beside her thigh as she looked to the leader of the sentries, hearing the alarms blaring and people beginning to scramble. "Is there an issue, Centurion?" Her body was alert and on guard. To her right was a stack of shipping crates and an exterior landing pad control console roughly 6 meters away, which she would use for cover if a firefight ensued.

The centurion's eyes narrowed as he reached for his weapon. "Intruders!" He shouted and lowered the disrupter at her.

As soon the man said intruders Billi moved quick as could be for the stack of crates and the console, firing her pistol from the hip to cause them to duck and cover. It worked enough to let her crouch behind cover just in time as a rain of particle bolts impacted the other side of the crates, sending showers of sparks popping into the air as the energy blasted carbon points into them. Billi looked at West, who had also found a bit of cover, waving her arm to motion him toward the ship. "Go! Get outta here!" She fired around the corner, again more for effect than trying to hit something. "Leave me and get him out of here!"

West shouted orders to Conners and Williams, and the two ushered the prisoner toward the shuttle, ducking inside as the thrusters powered up. West took cover behind one of the crates and returned fire, dropping one of the sentries as he focused on the Centurion. "Can't leave a man behind, understand."

West ducked as a disruptor bolt slammed into the crate just above his head. The shuttle roared as it took off into the rain, Romulan small arms fire striking the hull.

"All good, West," said Billi, popping up to give a few shots towards the others, this time catching one with two shots to the chest and she went down hard on her back. They both continued firing and ducking, firing and ducking. "This is fun, we should do this again some..." The shimmering sound of a transporter signal enveloped them and they were whisked away as energy particles. "...time." Billi had finished the last word of her sentence as they solidified in the shuttle.

After a few moments a Subcommander appeared in the doorway. "Report!" he shouted against the wind and rain.
"We have them pinned down sir! Behind that crate. They've stopped returning fire. My men are closing in."
Cautiously, the sentry peered around the corner, only to find empty space. "We've lost them." He said into his wrist communicator. Spread out, find them."

The Subcommander cursed. "Get me Romulan High Command."
Trace and Billi chuckled as they struggled to regain their breath, the transporter beam out coming as a complete surprise to them both. "Nice work, Private." West said to Williams. "Didn't think we'd make it out of there."

Williams shrugged. "Don't thanks me, thank our friend." He said, indicating the dark skinned Vulcan prisoner. "Seems he had a few tricks up his sleeve."


Balrog winced as he monitored incoming chatter from Romulan comms. "Sir, I think we have a problem. Romulan High Command has been alerted to a breach at a secure facility. Seems they've lost a prisoner to 'an unknown foreign enemy.' I think we've been discovered."

Hearing the report Jamie turned to look at Mystery "I wouldn't too concerned at the moment...if I know West he'll have a few tricks up his sleeve." Then tapping his chair Comm "Engineering this is the XO, keep the engines running people in case we need to make a quick exit" he ordered.

"Once our people are back aboard let's get the hell out of here," Mystery ordered "Science keep sensors peeled for cloaked ships. We're not out of this yet."

Down in Main Engineering Kudo answered the XO. "We're more than ready for maximum warp down here, Commander O'Connell. Just give the word." Ken pointed to a couple of tertiary stations. "Dunbar, there. Nordeen, There. Keep auxiliary power on hold until I say otherwise, or we need it for an emergency." Both of them responded and went to the designated spots.

"I'm reading multiple distortions captain," Rayven responded. "Its likely cloaked ships, I just hope our emitters are going to hold.”

"If not," said Kudo, since his channel to the Bridge was still open. "I have one antimatter pod ready for ejection. If we get too many on our ass we'll launch it and set it off. Trust me, they'll avoid that blast before pursuing us any further, Bridge."

"I'll keep that option in mind lieutenant," Mystery replied "Helm as soon as that shuttle is back aboard prepare to break orbit."

Billi stood and gave a nod to the Vulcan as she holstered her weapon. "I find your skills and timing agreeable, Sir."



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