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Post # 29 - Interrupted

Posted on Thu May 19th, 2022 @ 11:07am by Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot & Lieutenant JG Valentina Ferron

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines
Location: Independence
Timeline: Concurrent


{Deck 6 - Quarters}

The two friends entered Gabriella's Quarters as she said with a smile "Kat please have a seat and I'll pour us some drinks."

"Thank you" came the reply as Kat took the offered seat on the couch. Moments later Gabriella returned with a drink for each of them as she handed one to Kat then sat down beside her "Here you's to friends" she commented in a sultry voice.

"'s to friends" Kat replied with a grin as the two ladies sipped their drinks and began chatting for quite some time.

Gabriella was a little nervous about putting her plan into action and decided to give it a few more minutes working up the courage to try and seduce Katlyn.

Before that happened Kat's Comm went off "Excuse me" she said then pressing her Comm "Zebot here."

"Sorry to bother you Lieutenant but you wanted to know when the Shuttle from Romulus just set down in the Main Shuttle Bay" the Ensign explained.

"Thank you Ensign, I'm on my way" Kat replied then turning to Gabriella as she stood "Sorry to cut our evening short but duty calls" she stated.

A rather relieved Gabriella stood as well "That's fine....we can do this another time....rain check?" she said with a smile "I better go change back into my uniform in case I get called to the Bridge."

Kat smiled back "Yes....definitely a rain check." Then Kat leaned in to give her friend a kiss on the cheek but somehow Gabriella's lips got in the way as she gave Kat a nice kiss.

A pleasantly surprised Kat looked at her friend "That was nice....but I better get a move on" she stated with a grin then turned and left Gabriella's quarters.

On her way to the nearest Lift, to go zip back to her Quarters to change back into her Uniform, Kat tapped her Comm "Commander O'Connell, the Shuttle has just set down in the Main Shuttle Bay and I'm on my way there now."


Lieutenant Katlyn Zebot
Chief Tactical/Security Officer
USS Independence

Ensign Gabriella Dubios
Flight Control Officer
USS Independence


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