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Post # 31 - Changes

Posted on Sun May 22nd, 2022 @ 10:36am by Commander Jamie O'Connell

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines
Location: Independence
Timeline: Six Months Later


{Stardate 22052.2}

The USS Independence had been called back to the Shipyard for a major refit. Star Fleet felt that her 'shelf life' was soon to expire considering she had been thrown together during the last War. To that end the Independence would be refitted with the latest and greatest that Star Fleet had to offer; much of the new tech coming from Section 31's research and development.

Of course with new Tech, Star Fleet realized that a whole new Crew would need to be trained during the yearlong refit. That left her current Crew to be dispersed among the Fleet where ever needed.

The Captain and XO spent the next few weeks interviewing each and every Crew member thereby placing them on another Ship in whatever capacity they were trained for.

Commander Jamie O'Connell accepted a position aboard the USS Amandora as Second Officer still being able to keep his rank.

Ensign Heather Devroe received a promotion to Lieutenant JG and would be joining Jamie aboard the Amandora after a trip back to Betazed to visit her family which she had not seen in years.

Crewman Tyre Amarok decided to leave Star Fleet to hopefully reconnect with his "love of long ago" and open a diner somewhere.

Lieutenant Katlyn Zebot was offered a position on Jupiter Station as an Assistant to her long time Mentor Chief Zeb working in the Computer Division which she gladly accepted.

Ensign Gabriella Dubois was offered a position on Jupiter Station as well as a Flight Instructor which she happily accepted to be close to her good friend Katlyn, and hopefully someday partner, that was possible by the kind words of Chief Zeb to the Station Commander.

Second Lieutenant Tracey West Jr also accepted a position aboard the USS Amandora.

Lieutenant Kasm was still debating what his next move would be.....Pandora or Star Fleet.

As far as the rest of the Crew the list is too long to remember but all of them found a new home and position somewhere in the Fleet.

Captain Mystery Ellis was to return to her home planet of Risa for a much needed vacation to ponder what her next career move would be. Star Fleet had been very generous with her options and told her to take her time to find a good fit.


On a personal note this will be my last entry on the Independence. As much as I look forward to what's ahead I am a little saddened to be leaving this great Ship and her Crew; especially my Captain and good friend Mystery Ellis whom I wish all the best in whatever she decides.


Commander Jamie Riley O'Connell
Executive Officer
USS Independence


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