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Whats This Then?

Posted on Tue Jun 28th, 2022 @ 12:32pm by Lieutenant Kasm

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current


With all the refit and finish going on while the ship was at space dock, there were no standard bridge shifts to be manned.

Kasm, of course, became exceedingly frustrated with the lack of activity and work shifts, so he spent 12-15 hours a day in the holodeck digging out rock from the dilithium crystal mines of his home planet. Yes yes yes, there are more "efficient" mechanized ways to mine, however considering how fragile the crystals are, the miners are specifically trained to make sure that they care for them as they break through the granite like rock with their picks as if they were the most fragile and valuable things in the universe (which happens to be very true for their world). Though he did spend some of his time in the holodeck in bridge simulations to continue to advance his skills piloting the ship he was responsible for driving.

Besides getting exercise, Kasm was much more comfortable in his native gravity environment. It was difficult for him to function effectively in such a low local ship board gravity in addition, without constant exercise his muscles and bones would be affected by the low gravity so he needed to spend a few hours every day in the holodeck to maintain muscle tone.

Now that the ship was done with repairs and refit and ready to head back out into the deep dark realms of space, Kasm meticulously put on his starfleet uniform and headed for the bridge for his first shift since arriving in space dock.

When the turbolift doors opened onto the bridge he got his first look at the new bridge and its reconfiguration. Pausing for only a moment Kasm went directly to his station at the Helm. As he got within a few feet of the station he was brought up short as the computer identified him by his comm badge and the chair, which was used by the human members of the crew, folded up - sliding on a small rail hidden in the decking - and stored itself to the side of the Helm station so that he had an unobstructed space from which to pilot the ship.

Pausing for a moment he glared at the retracted seat, then looked back at the new Captain of the vessel for a moment before stepping up to his station to bring up his customized helm controls. As he worked to get his station ready for operations, Kasm's estimation of the new commander was raised significantly as he considered the upgrade to the seating at his station. Where as the prior Captain decided to treat him as a human child, this new Captain chose to adapt to his needs instead.

Perhaps not all humans were complete idiots after all.

His front incisors, exposed for a moment as he smiled to himself, would most likely have made any of the humans on the bridge think he was about to eat them if they were able to see his face at that moment, as he says "Helm at the ready..." and after a short pause "Captain".



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