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Meeting The XO

Posted on Sat Jul 18th, 2020 @ 9:17pm by Captain Mystery Ellis & Commander Sean Silk

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Mystery's House
Timeline: Current


After speding a few quiet days away from the stress of the command she'd been thrust into. It was time to meet her first officer who was on the planet surface. Tapping her com-badge "Commander Silk this is the captain. I'd like to meet with you, I have a small house about two miles from town. Please meet me here."

When his flip-top comm bleeped Sean's head came up off the pillow, looking around as his eyes blinked rapidly. Using his right hand he swiped it down his face, sitting up and throwing his legs over the side as his feet landed on the floor. There were empty wine bottles on the floor, along with an assortment of clothing. Not sure if what happened last night had actually happened Silk looked back over his shoulder at the king size bed that was in his room. There was a body there, long black hair and emerald skin, bare and sleeping with only a sheet to cover her lower half. It was warm on Risa, after all.

Leaning forward he reached to the floor and began to gather clothing items. He would pick a piece up, examine it, and if it was his it would be placed on the bed. At one point he picked up a small twisted ball of cloth, lifting his hand and letting the material unravel the best it could. A black thong, definitely not his. He tossed the thong on his pillow and grabbed his underwear, sliding them on before proceeding to get dressed. Going into the bathroom he fixed his hair and washed his face in the sink, which woke him up a lot more. Walking out onto his balcony as he picked up the comm he activated it and sent a voice message back. "On my way, Captain. Silk, out."

Calling Risa orbital control he then asked for a site to site transport to Captain Ellis's front porch, and upon arrival he rang the bell. Wearing his clothes from last night was probably bad form but, technically, he was still on leave. He pressed the chime.

Mystery dressed in a pair of white short shorts and a black halter top walked to the front door when the chime went off and opened it, seeing a man on her porch had to be her new first officer as she'd looked through his file before asking to meet him. "Good morning commander," Mystery greeted as she stepped back to let him in "I hope your hungry I made breakfast. This is informal since we're both on leave."

"Music to my ears, Captain," Sean replied, hearing the part about breakfast, and able to smell the aromas drifting through her house." He stepped inside the foyer. "Informal is good, but either way, this little chat is needed. I've met a few crew members, already. Ensign Billi comes to mind." Oh boy, did she. Especially after last night, the memory still fresh in his mind now that the haziness of booze had dissipated. "There's another couple of gals I met, but don't remember their names."

The Captain was sporting quite the showy outfit. Being who he was Silk took notice but said nothing.

"What do you think of the crew you've met so far?" Mystery asked as she led the way to the kitchen. "Have a seat while I take breakfast our of the oven." Walking to the oven she opened it and took out a pan of a breakfast casserole complete with fresh homemade biscuits. Setting them on the table Mystery opened the fridge and pulled out a picture of fresh orange juice and set it on the table. Picking up a pot of coffee she poured two cups. "I love to cook when I have a reason to cook"

Silk grabbed a seat at the breakfast bar, thanking her as she handed him the coffee and juice. "Well, with who I've met so far, I'd say we have one helluva crew." He sipped some coffee. "But, sitting over Risa doesn't tell us how they'll react under pressure."

Mystery took a seat across from him, picked up her coffee mug and took a sip "The crew is good, the previous captain was called unexpectedly to Earth leaving me a field promotion to captain. Something I was surprised to get. They react well under pressure, at least from what I've seen."

Filling his own plate from the buffet provided Sean began to eat and talk between each mouthful. He was hungrier than he thought and had to force himself to eat casually. "I've read their files. Good crew. We'll just have to play it by ear, Captain."

Mystery filled her own plate as well and put come butter and honey on a biscuit "That we do and please call me Mystery, titles when we're not in uniform is not needed." Taking a few bites of breakfast "I requested a good first officer when I was promoted and your the one that headquarters sent me. I know your the right one for the job. The ship is getting a small refit and re-supply. We should be done in a few days."

"I'm old and ornery," said Sean with a chuckle. "That's why they picked me, I'm sure. Tried to hand me a command but I said no, wanting to try XO first, before that final step. And, no, I am not after your command, Mystery," he said with a smile.

"Getting a command was the furthest thing from my mind. I was content being an XO as well. But the ship needed a captain. I didn't tell the crew until our last assignment was over Sean. They didn't need that big of a shake up."

Silk gave a few nods and a smile, finished eating as he wiped his mouth. "We'll do fine then. You sugarcoat while I will be straight forward. For people who screw up I have a round, target colored rug between the guest chairs for them to stand on, in my office. So, get called on the rug, you're my target," he laughed.

Mystery couldn't help but laugh "I like the way you think. I'm going to be a hard ass too. But crew discipline in up to you. I served under one captain who when you were called in for discipline it was dress uniform and at full attention. If you so much as flinched it was worse."

Sean's demeanor got serious. "That's childish. These are officers and enlisted. Personnel who have passed their basic training. They need to be treated as such. As adults they need to understand that all actions have consequences but there's no need to humiliate someone. My opinion, of course."

"I know and when he did it to my bunk mate on one of my junior cruises I filed a complaint. It's unnecessary, getting called into the first officer or captains office is bad enough let alone to be treated that way. Everyone on that ship up there has earned the right to be there," Mystery said.

"I'm not wired that way," stated Silk. "You muck up I will have a chunk of your arse. I make it a point to transfer personnel who don't learn from mistakes."

"Then it sounds like we're on the same page," Mystery agreed "Now I know your the right man for the job and I hope if you see me doing something dumb or stupid you tell me."

Sean got to his feet and took his own dishes to the sink, placing them within before washing and drying his hands quickly, talking as he went along. "That will never be a problem, Mystery. Even if I disagree and you order it done anyway, I will comply." He folded the towel in half and placed it on the countertop. "Anyway, I have a house guest who is probably awake by now. I need to go make sure they aren't dead." He laughed. "We had evening." He raised his arm and sniffed his armpit. "Ugh, I need a shower."

"I noticed but wasn't going to say anything. I'll be reporting to the ship later today," Mystery said smiling "I'm glad we had this chance to meet before we got on the ship. I don't get home that often. Tell your house guest this is my fault and feel free to take her something to eat."

Silk gave a shitty grin. "She'll live. As it stands I'll be heading up shortly, myself. Enjoy your day, Mystery. See you upstairs." Making his way to the door, with Ellis following as a host would, she closed the door behind him as he exited. Feeling more positive about his assignment Sean began to make his way back to his rooms.

Mystery smiled as she watched her XO leave, his picture did nothing for him. The man was good looking.



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