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Bushwacked! III

Posted on Mon Sep 7th, 2020 @ 3:29pm by Sim Master Alpha & Captain Mystery Ellis & Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor & Lieutenant Jamie O'Connell & Lieutenant Ares Curillo & Ensign Lucas Miles

Mission: Distress Call
Location: Freighter Olympia
Timeline: Current

OOC: Splitting the JP into two new posts. I added everyone as authors so we all see what is going on. This post is for the Away Team on the Freighter Olympia, currently Commander Silk, LTCDR Relor, LT Balrog, LT O'Connell, LT Curillo, and ENS Miles.


The lead alien ordered his comrades, "Watch the entry to the bridge. I don't want those other Federation scum to surprise us."

[Olympia Engine Room]

Ares Curillo had his weapon on his hip but he had always used his wits over his brawn. Lt Balrog was with him and between a science and engineering approach surely something could be done.

" Before we storm the bridge let's see what we can do here to make it uncomfortable for those bastardos." Ares told Balrog

Just then Lucas entered the Engine Room and quickly spotted Ares and Barlog. "Sirs," he greeted his voice unconsciously lowered to a whisper. Then he paused as if realizing it was foolish to whisper. His tricorder had shown no other life signs on this deck besides the two Lieutenants.

The internal sensors on the freighter were more or less useless from whatever it was Captain Reynolds must have done to them. That meant the hostile aliens had only whatever scanning device they brought with them to track the two Lieutenants and Lucas.

Facing Ares, "I assume you are putting together a plan to rescue our comrades," he stated. "How can I help?"

[Freighter's Bridge]

Feyd seethed at the aliens, a silent stone-cold rage building in his belly. In his formative years, he had spent most of his adolescence running from bullies like these. He would not allow these monsters to have their way. Suddenly an idea sprang into his mind…a crazy, reckless idea that had every chance of failing spectacularly.

The lead alien appeared to be listening to something inside of his helmet, then he looked towards the Federation officers. "Which of you is the senior officer," he demanded.

Jamie stood there for a few seconds, as did his fellow Officers, and he reasoned that he was the most expendable of the group. The Captain needed a XO, the ship needed their Doctor, and T'Sol could run engineering.

"I'm the Senior Officer here" came ripping out of Jamie's mouth knowing that the alien wouldn't know the difference or he would not have asked who the senior officer was.

"Good" and the alien grabbed him and pulled him towards Captain Reynolds "Now I have two people I can kill and one is Federation which is a bonus.

O'Connell just stood there beside of the alien with both hands in his pockets. Then he felt the multitool in his pocket and carefully proceeded to pull the knife blade from it and just waited for hopefully some help from his crew mates who were elsewhere on the ship.

"We have what we came for," the alien's leader announced, his hand on Jamie's arm, "the Federation Captain is being stubborn so we will need to wring this one dry." The alien activated a device on his chest and the glowing portal reappeared in the wall of the freighter's bridge.

Slowly, carefully, Feyd tapped the appropriate sequence into the hypo in his hand, then threw caution to the wind.

“Hey!” He shouted, and lunged forward, as if pushed by the alien behind him. He stumbled forward into Jaime and, unnoticed, pressed the hypo to
Jaime’s thigh. The Chief Engineer’s eyes rolled up into the back of his head as he lost consciousness.

“What’s going on here!?” the lead alien shouted as Jaime fell to the deck. Feyd took advantage of the momentary confusion and pressed in a series of commands on his medical tricorder, then activated it.

A low, base series of pulsing sounds emanated from the device, first causing a wave of nausea, then a headache from the base of the skull. With satisfaction he saw the same reaction from his crew mates and from the aliens.

His last conscious thought, before blacking out, was hoping he was right about the alien’s physiology. Jaime would regain consciousness in moments while the rest of the bastards on the bridge wouldn’t awake for half an hour…

Moments latter O'Connell started to regain consciousness and struggled to get to his feet and noticed that everyone on the Bridge were also laying on the floor; aliens included "Bloody Hell what just happened". After Jamie's head cleared he grabbed two phasers that were on Reynold's desk.

Jamie set the phasers to kill figuring he wasn't going to take any chances with these aliens; besides they certainly were not about to show him any mercy.

Feyd and Sean were coming around and stood up. "You guys ok?" Jamie asked and both Officers nodded yes. Then they proceeded to each grab a phaser.

"O'Connell to the away team, get to the Bridge NOW" he commanded not worrying too much about rank at the moment. After a few moments he heard the lift and spun on his heel and pointed his phaser at the lift's door; just in case. When it slid open Lt. Balrog was the first to exit and seeing Jamie's phaser pointed at him, he dropped his phaser and put his hands up "O'Connell I thought that we were on the same side".

Lowering his weapon "Sorry Lieutenant, I'm a little jumpy at the moment" he said " Curillo and Miles watch that glowing portal and if anything comes through it, shoot to kill and ask questions latter."

"Aye Lieutenant" was their response.

"Lt Balrog why don't you keep Captain Reynolds company over there while we figure things out.

"O'Connell to Captain Ellis, we have neutralized the aliens and secured the Bridge. What are your orders Ma'am" Jamie said with a sound of relief in his voice.

The portal in the wall of the bridge disappeared, then the bodies of the aliens, as they fell through smaller portals that appeared then disappeared underneath them.

"My family," the freighter Captain's terror cut through the grogginess induced by the tricorder's sonic pulse attack, "You must save them!"

"Bring that captain over here, I out rank him and he has some explaining to do. Bring the ships logs over as well," Mystery said

"My wife and children crew the ship with me!" explained the freighter captain, "The aliens disabled my ship and took my family to force me to send the distress call! I had no choice!"

"Save it for the Captain, she wants to see you aboard the Independence right away" Jamie said without much sympathy in his voice.

"Lt. Balrog escort Captain Reynolds to the Independence" Jamie requested "Transporter Room lock on to Lt. Brook's signal and beam he and Reynolds directly to the bridge; 2 two beam over. There was just a blue light and they were gone.

"Lt. O'Connell to Capt. Ellis, Lt Balrog is on his way to you with Captain Reynolds. Do you want us to try and get the freighter repaired" Jamie asked not knowing the condition of the Independence.

"Negative, we've suffered heavy damage, I need all personnel back here to effect repairs," Mystery said

"Understood, the away team will be there shortly" O'Connell out.

Jamie turned to the rest of the away team" The Independence has taken heavy damage and they need us back right away."

"Lt. O'Connell to Transporter Room One, Lock on to the entire away team; we're ready to come home" Jamie said gladly.

Suddenly the Freighter was devoid of any human life.....


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