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The Gift

Posted on Wed Sep 30th, 2020 @ 1:36pm by Crewman Thomas Jefferson & Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor

Mission: By Odin!
Location: Reylors Quarters
Timeline: Current


Relor returns to his cabin to find a small box sitting in the middle of his desk. As they say, Curiosity Killed The Cat, so of course Feyd allowed his curiosity to overcome common sense and immediately opened the box. Inside he finds a hand written note and two smaller boxes.

Each of the smaller boxes has a name written on it, one for Feyd, the other for Natasha. Opening the note he reads 'enclosed you will find 2 syringes, one for you and one for your lady love, as partial payment for your agreeing to help me. Each is customized to your genetic makeup. If you choose to use them they must be injected immediately upon breaking the container. Do not try to scan them as the energy from the scanner will cause the chemicals to break down. This is an antiagathic that I found in my travels. Enjoy. J.S.'

Feyd sat down heavily. Anti-agathic...he had heard the term, but there was no medical science that had managed to actually produce one. Most considered such a thing a myth. Granted, modern medical science had come a long way in extending life expectancy...but they still hadn't conquered the common cold, for Christ's sake. Not hat he had any reason to doubt Sunfeather. If John told him the syringe would slow or stop the aging process, he didn't doubt that it was true. How it worked was another matter. He was tempted to scan it in an attempt to understand what was in it, as it may have other medical purposes, but according to the letter, it would destroy it.

And as for Natasha, he had no idea how she would react.


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