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Altar to the Gods

Posted on Wed Oct 14th, 2020 @ 9:50pm by Sim Master Alpha & Commander Charles Gillespie VII & Lieutenant Jamie O'Connell

Mission: By Odin!
Location: Independence Bridge
Timeline: Current

On the bridge of the Independence, Commander Gillespie turned as the doors of the turbolift open and out stepped Lieutenant O'Connell, Astra Karrelsdotter, the Storhatten's captain, two blue robed women and two Odinskus warriors. "This is the place where we invoke the blessings of the gods," Lieutenant O'Connell announced.

Chuck stood up and looked towards the party. His smile was beaming. "Welcome, my friends, to the bridge."

O'Connell told the group "Please follow me, if you will" so the group followed him to the Helm "This is how we steer the Ship and this big window shows us what's out is space. Now if turn around, all those Panels on the walls gives us the information to give our Captain. She then invokes the blessings of the gods and if the Captain is not here, then the Commander is the one who invokes the blessings of the gods. Any questions."

"Vait," Astra held up her hand, "Yooze nafigate de sheep by lookinz out de vindovz? Yoo dont haf zenzorz?" The two blue robed women looked at each other and giggled.

"I'm sorry, perhaps I wasn't clear. Yes we use our sensors to navigate the ship, the window is just for seeing what's outside the ship" O'Connell said in a apologizing manner.

"Dez iz zo konfuzing," Astra said, rubbing her temples, "Zometimez yoose is zo hadvanced. Otter timez youse is zo backvardz."

"Yes, Captain. Humans are odd. We like to see where we are going." Chuck walked over to the OPS console and nodded to the OPS officer on duty. She began to work the controls, showing different views of space enhanced by the sensors. "We can see how the gods have chosen to favor us on our voyages."

“Ya, efen a blind men ken zee de gods favor,” Astra was becoming visibly annoyed, “Eet iz how ve invoke daire blezzing dat metters but ve haf yet to zee vere yoo do dis.”

The Lieutenant walked over to the Commander and proceeded to discuss something with him in a low voice. O'Connell then turned and faced their guests.

He closed his eyes and began reciting a Gallic blessing that his Mother had taught him as a child, figuring that the rest of the Crewman probably thought that he had lost his mind, " Beeen der sine zeben der clokic dine zepin cin clokic"; then he opened his eyes "Helm keep our present heading and move the Ship forward two hundred meters at one quarter impulse on my command."

Helm looked at the Commander and got the nod of approval "Aye Lieutenant, moving the Ship forward two hundreds meters forward at one quarter impulse.... course laid in....on your command Sir."

The Commander meanwhile had notified the Captain that the Ship would be moving forward slightly as a demonstration for our guests and not to be concerned.

O'Connell soon realized that all eyes were on him "Make it so" came the command using the, now famous, Picard hand gesture. The Ship moved forward for a few moments then came to a complete stop.

The Lieutenant looking at his guests "That is how we invoke the blessings of the gods" hoping that this would satisfy their guests as he had run out of ideas, not knowing for sure what they were looking for, and was pretty sure that the Commander was in the same situation.

Comprehension dawned on Astra’s face as she nodded, “Ah, I zee! Yoose sheep iz yoose god.”

One of the Odinskus warriors leaned towards the second and muttered, “Die Spinner die Federalers.” Astra spun around and pointed an accusatorial finger at the warrior who snapped to attention with a slightly guilty expression on his face. The other warrior merely hiccupped in response.

“Now dat det is settled,” Astra turned back to Commander Gillespie, “Vhat helse does yoo hafe to zhow?”

"Captain, we have shown you the heart and soul of our vessel. Our people took to the stars to learn, but we found we might have to fight. I can show you our laboratories and our weapons."

"I vould like to see yoose veapons," Astra admitted, "but I imagine dat de prieztz vould be more hinterested in de lavoratories."


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