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A Full Exam

Posted on Wed Oct 14th, 2020 @ 5:28pm by Lieutenant JG Kevin Lance & Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor

Mission: By Odin!
Location: Medical Bay
Timeline: Current

The Lieutenant Commander entered the ship’s Medical Bay followed by the Odinskus Jungfru, who was gawking at the new sight like a tourist on Risa, and Lieutenant Lance.

Feyd smiled to himself, so innocent she seemed. Natasha appeared and he turned to the Jungfru.

He chuckled. “You’re probably going to want to disarm.” He said, indicating her elaborate armor and weapons. She eyed him suspiciously.

Kevin let his hands drop from an at-ease position to his sides, closer to the phaser on his hip. Natasha started gently reaching for her axe.

Kera, the Jungfru, looked at Natasha a moment then shrugged, "I zuppoze det yoose are friends," she said handling the axe to Natasha. Kera then proceeded to hand the nurse her oblong shield, a sword, a short bow, a small quiver of arrow, then started pulling knifes from various parts of her body. Sensing that this would take a while, Feyd turned to the examination table and the instruments he would be using.

After a moment, the doctor heard a sharp intake of breath from Natasha. He turned back to the nurse whose arms were loaded down with multiple weapons and pieces of armor. Her eyes and mouth were wide open in an expression of astonishment. The Jungfru was standing in front of Natasha, naked except for her hat. Kevin had decided that now was a good time for a visual inspection of the ceiling plating.

Feyd opened his mouth to say something, then closed it, opened it again, then closed it. He was going to explain that disrobing was no longer necessary with modern medical scanning technology, but saw no point in embarrassing the Jungfru, if such a thing was even possible.

Feyd patted the table, indicating that she could hop up.

As a medical doctor, Feyd was trained to view the human body differently from other folk. Where a man may marvel at perfectly shaped breasts, Feyd saw only medically necessary body parts. Where one man may admire the curve of an athletically sculpted backside, Feyd saw…who was he kidding, he knew an extremely nice butt when he saw one.

He reached for his medical tricorder, fumbled it, cleared his throat uncomfortably and approached her. Natasha smirked, making eye contact with him, but said nothing as she deposited the woman’s gear on a nearby biobed.

“You won’t feel a thing.” He said, as he ran the device up and down her perfect body.

“Vere hafe I hurd dat bevore?” she said, grinning.

Kevin determined that the plating in the medical bay ceiling was secure and with only a couple of forlorn glances in the direction of the Jungfru, he proceeded to inspect the clothing and weapons that the nurse had deposited on an empty biobed. Although no expert in ancient arms and armor, he did appreciate the quality of the Jungfru’s gear. The metal gleamed and appeared to be a steel composite. The wood of the handles and the short bow were smooth and polished. Designs and ornate runes covered all the items. Kevin knew from experience that this amount of detail required a great deal of coding for a replicator but these appeared to be more traditionally crafted.

Natasha approached the biobed that Kera was laying on with a medical gown. "You appear to be cold," Natasha observed clinically, handing the garment to the Jungfru.

Kera looked down at her own body. "Heh, datz nothink. Yoo zhould zee mine muther," she said, donning the gown backwards. One of the Odinskus daggers clatter to Kevin's feet.

"Sorry," Kevin muttered without turning.

The results of the scan revealed that the Odinskus was entirely human, albeit with a higher tolerance for radiation.

Momentarily distracted by medical curiosity, Feyd’s brow furrowed at the Jungfru’s diagnostic numbers. He turned to the chemical composition of her blood and found that it was slightly different than the average human’s. Connecting the dots, he wondered if it had to do with the way their bodies synthesized yeast…perhaps the higher base alcohol content of the blood was responsible for their higher tolerance to radiation.

Thoughtlessly, he grabbed one of the ales that now permeated his sickbay and offered it to the woman. “Ale?” He said, handing her the mug.

“Yoo vont hafe to hask me tvice.” She said, taking the mug. The act of reaching for it caused her gown to open down the front. She had neglected to tie it.

Kera took a long pull from the mug in her hand. A moment she spewed the ale across the medical bay, the mixture of her spittle and the ale catching Feyd almost full on. “Yekk, dis taztez like kold spemalot pizz,” she said making a face. Then she took another drink from the mug.

“You don’t have to drink it if you don’t like it,” Natasha said, handing a towel to Feyd.

Kera shrugged causing an exposed breast to jiggle. “Real Odinskus drink vhathever hale iz havailable,” she replied matter-of-factly and then drained the mug.

Feyd’s comm badge chimed, “Attaché Wyrick to Doctor Relor.”

“Relor here,” the doctor responded as he toweled himself dry.

“Please be prepared to join the Captain when she transports to the Odinskus ship.”

Feyd shrugged. “Duty calls. Natasha if you wouldn’t mind finishing up the exam.” He said, grabbing his kit and heading for the door.

After Feyd departed, Natasha called out, "Activate Emergency Medical Hologram."

The dour, balding hologram appeared and he recited, "Please state the nature of the med...GOOD GOD, WOMAN! COVER YOURSELF!"


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