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Nordic Hospitality

Posted on Wed Oct 14th, 2020 @ 9:50pm by Sim Master Alpha & Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: By Odin!
Location: Odinskus Ship
Timeline: Current

The Captain's shuttle approached the Odinskus ship.

Mystery watched as the shuttle she was on approached the Odinskus ship, she knew her officers were not happy that she'd chosen to go alone.

The ship was a cylinder almost as long as the Independence herself. Clustered all around the surface of the cylinder were smaller ships and shuttles similar to the one that the Storhatten had arrived in. Towards one end of the cylinder was a superstructure that looked like the bridge and crew areas of a planet-bound blue water freighter. It was towards this structure that the shuttle was moving.

Seeing the alien ship was a breathtaking view but Mystery couldn't help but wonder if the shuttle she was on once on the Odinskus ship would it head for the planet or dock at the structure that looked like a planet bound freighter. Time would tell.

The Independence shuttle closed on the cylinder's superstructure and established a connection with the docking port. After a minute, the pilot said, "We've docked with the Odinskus ship."

"Signal them I've arrived," Mystery said getting to her feet "Let them know I'm ready when they are."

"The Odinskus acknowledged and are prepared to greet you," the pilot replied.

Mystery walked over and opened the air lock, turning to the pilot "Thank you for the lift over, your cleared to return to the ship." with that Mystery stepped onto the Okinskus ship and closed the air lock to the shuttle.

Storhatten Larasson was waiting into the air lock of the Odinskus ship. "Keptan Ellis," he smiled broadly, "I velcome yoo to de Sleipnir."

"Thank you ambassador, it's an honor to be here," Mystery said "From what I saw on my flight over your ship looks impressive."

"Denk yoo," replied the Storhatten, "Yooze iz pretty himpressive yoozelf." He handed Mystery a fur hat with four large feathers, "Mine pipple vill be konfuzed by yoor rank hinsignia. Deese het vill let dem know det yooze is a keptan und dey vill rezpect yoo as zuch."

Mystery accepted the hat and placed it on her head, making sure her braid was still visible.

Ve are in de crow’z nezt,” the Storhatten explained, “It vas used for obzerfation bevore de gods refealed de zecretz of helectronik zensorz to de Odinskus. Now eet is almoze alvays hempty. I likez to kome here to meditate.”

The Storhatten stared at Pyxis Alpha V for a few moments, then he continued, “Below here iz de kontrol pletform, de sheep’s compooter, und de hengine room. Mozt of de rezt of de sheep is de hengines and the varp field proyector.

"Most impressive, on Earth of old the ancient sailing ships had a crows nest, like yours it was used for observation. The people in the crows nest would call out things to the person who was guiding the ship. The old crows nests are no longer used now that ships have computers and engines," Mystery commented "Your ship is full of wonders and I'm honored to be here to see it."

The Storhatten placed his hand on his heart and bowed his head, “De Sleipnir iz a vathersheep for zmaller wezzelz det haren’t capable of jenerating daire own varp field.”

"If your people are interested in getting the ship warp capable I'm sure my engineers can assist you in doing so," Mystery repliled

"De gods vill refeel dat to us in der hown time," the Storhatten philosphized, "For de moment, itz a vorkable zolution. Vould yoo likez to zee de kontrol pletform und de hegines?"

"I'd love to," Mystery replied.


The superstructure of the Sleipnir was very compact, almost claustrophobic, and the tour of the livable area of the ship took less time than one would have supposed. The technology was an odd mix automation and practical solutions that required human intervention, and questions about development of the Odinskus systems was greeted with vague references to “de gods”. Some of the equipment was recognizable as being derived from Federation technology while much was alien to Mystery’s eyes.

The engines that generated power for the ship were truly massive, occupying nearly one-fifth of the volume of the Sleipnir’s main cylinder. Again, mechanical relays and Odinskus warriors filled in for tasks that would be handled by computers on a more advanced ship. The arrangement harkened back to the days of Zefram Cochrane or even earlier to the days of sailing ships on Old Earth.

The warp field generator was even bigger than the engines, its scale mind boggling. The warp field it generated was weak but be projected at a distance much greater than generators of Federation design. Connected to a more efficient engine, the field generated could provide a stable warp field for a dozen ships the size of the Independence. The military and economic applications for such a system were intriguing.

The Sleipnir lacked anything like the impulse engines on the Independence. It had thrusters for maneuvering but relied on the smaller ships to give the Sleipnir momentum for sub-space travel.

The hat that the Storhatten had given to Mystery was having the intended effect. All of the Odinskus officers and warriors deferred to Mystery in the same manner as they did the Storhatten. There was much ceremonial braid pulling and Mystery’s scalp was starting to hurt.

“Und zat iz de Sleipnir,” the Storhatten concluded, “Is dere hanytink ezle det yoo vish to zee?”

"I have to admit ambassador you have a very fine ship," Mystery said "I can't think of anything else, unless you have something you feel I should see."

"Den ve vill kall for yoor zhuttle."

"Thank you ambassador," Mystery replied grateful that the braid tugging was about over, she had a splitting headache from all the hair pulling.


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