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A Really Close Encounter

Posted on Wed Oct 14th, 2020 @ 9:54pm by Lieutenant JG Kevin Lance
Edited on on Mon Oct 19th, 2020 @ 6:04pm

Mission: By Odin!
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current

Lieutenant Lance and Jungfru Kera met the Odinskus guests as they departed the bridge. Commander Gillespie tasked Kevin with giving the Okinskus a tour of the ship's armaments, much to the apparent relief of Lieutenant O'Connell. The Commander advised Kevin to be polite but not to divulge any sensitive information.

Kevin started with the forward pulse phaser cannons and ended in the armory. Throughout the tour, Kevin tried to keep a respectful distance from Kera but found that she was continually trying to get closer to him.

The ship mounted offensive weapons were a novelty to the Odinskus but Astra showed particular interest in the deflector ram. In the armory, Kevin demonstrated the phasers and discuss the reasoning for not employing hand held melee weapons. He didn't think that he had convinced the Odinskus and at least once, he hear the phrase "Die Spinner die Federalers".

As he concluded, Kera approached him and asked, “Zo, vere doez yoose rezt vhen yoose not vorking?”

“There are several areas on the ship where crewmember can spend their off duty time,” Kevin said, “There is a gymnasium for physical exercise, a library for reading and studying, crew lounges for socialization, and a holodeck for interactive experiences.”

“Hinteractive hexperiences?” Kera asked, “Wot are doez?

“The computer can be programmed with any situation that you can conceive,” Kevin explained, “On the holodeck you physically experience the situation as if you were there.”

“Like a dream?”

“You aren’t asleep,” Kevin continued, “It’s more like your imagination brought to life. I like to practice feats of physical endurance and acrobatics on the holodeck. Others like to experience their favorite novel or story.”

“Zo, I kould progrem de compooter vid de talez of de Valkyrie und hexperience daire hadventurez?” Kera asked intrigued, “Und eet vould feel realz?”


“I zhould likez to zee det,” Kera admitted, “Und vere doez yoose zleep? Dez sheep is zo big I kant himajine dat yoose zleep at de oarz.”

“No, there are dedicate areas for sleeping.”

“I vould likez to zee one of deese sleeping areaz,” Kera stated.

Astra rolled her eyes and said, "Denk yoo for zhowing us many hinteresting tings," then to Kera, "Ve vill return to de zhuttle und avait yoo."

"Certainly,” Kevin replied. He ushered Kera onto a turbolift and said, “Senior officer’s quarters.” The turbolift moved quickly to the appropriate deck.

“Eet iz konfuzing becauze you dont vear hets,” Kera observed, “but eet iz clear dat de varriors on deese sheep defer to yoo.” Kevin shrugged self-depreciatingly as the doors to the turbolift opened.

Kevin lead the way to one of the rooms and opened the door. “These are my quarters,” he told Kera.

The Jungfru entered and swept the room with her eyes. Nodding approvingly, she said, “Zo much room. Yoose hall live like Jarls.”

“Only senior officers have private quarters,” Kevin explained, “Junior officers share quarters with another officer. Enlisted personnel sleep in pods of four.”

Kera moved close to Kevin, “Zo ve are qvite alone?”

Kevin stepped back uncomfortably, “Yes, but we should rejoin the others.”

“Yoo dont likez me?” Kera asked with a little pout, “Yoo zertainly zeemed to like me vhen de doktor vas looking hat me.”

“It’s not that,” Kevin replied, the color rising in his face, “It’s just that…um…you’re a maiden.”


“I wouldn’t want to take advantage of you,” Kevin admitted.

Kera gave Kevin a questioning look, “Vhat do yoo tink a maiden iz?”

“Well,” Kevin stammer uncomfortably, “a maiden is a girl…woman…who has never….er…slept with a male”

“I dont hunderstend,” Kera replied, “I hafe zlept vid mine brudders zince I vas a vee babe.”

“No, not literally sleep with,” Kevin rubbed his eyes, “I mean one who has never had intercourse with.”

Kera listened to the translation, then nodded. “Ah yez, de Zex. I hafe nefer hed zex vid mine brudders.”

“Well that’s a relief”

“But I vould hafe eet vid yoo,” Kera said, launching herself at Kevin. Caught by surprise, it was all that Kevin could do to keep from falling over. Kera planted a wet kiss on Kevin as she tried to remove his tonsils with her tongue.

As she kissed him, Kevin considered his orders from Commander Gillespie. Escort the Odinskus, be polite, don’t divulge any sensitive information. Kera was with him, her behavior should be reciprocated, and he wasn’t the type to give out secrets during pillow talk. His mind made up he pushed Kera away.

“Computer,” he ordered, “Lock the door to my quarters and engage privacy mode.” He kissed Kera back with equal fierceness.


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