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Meal Fit For A King

Posted on Wed Oct 14th, 2020 @ 10:02pm by Crewman Thomas Jefferson
Edited on on Wed Oct 14th, 2020 @ 10:03pm

Mission: By Odin!
Location: Captains Mess
Timeline: After return from tour of O-D-K Ship


As Commander Gillespie was walking through the corridors of the ship, he thought he smelled something.... well.... bad.

In the turbo lift, it just got worse.

On the bridge as he was sitting in the command chair he crossed his legs and the smell got worse. Looking at the bottom of his boot, he saw that at some point he had stepped in fresh goat dung...

[Captains Mess]

<^>Jefferson to the Captain<^>

<^>Ellis Here<^>

<^>Captain, I have prepared a special feast for your guests, if you would like to invite them and your command staff for dinner in the Captains Mess<^>

Before the Captain can respond Thomas had already cut the communication.



Beverages - Mead, Ale and Blaand (fermented goats milk)

Appetizer - Skyr (type of yogurt) with fresh fruit, apples and grains for topping.

1st Course - Soup made with ducks eggs and various vegetables.

2nd Course - Braised Eel.

3rd Course - Boiled Goat meat with potatoes and carrots, Fresh whole grain bread.

4th Course - Various Cheeses and Apples


No Utensiles are provided, except for the Starfleet officers who are each given a very sharp knife.

Thomas obsconds with 6 female crewmembers to serve the food (as traditional meals are served by women)

The Captains Mess is redecorated with a rough hewn woodplank table and wood benches. Since the deck officer would have a fit if actual torches were used, holo torches are attached to the wall for light.


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By Crewman Thomas Jefferson on Wed Oct 14th, 2020 @ 10:22pm

is somebody editing my posts after I post them?