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The Feast

Posted on Sat Oct 17th, 2020 @ 7:28pm by Lieutenant JG Kevin Lance & Captain Mystery Ellis & Crewman Thomas Jefferson

Mission: By Odin!
Location: Captains Ward Room
Timeline: After return from tour of O-D-K Ship


After waiting an hour for the Captain to arrive at the Captains mess for the scheduled feast. Thomas chimes her in her quarters, getting no response he then contacts the Odinskus ship directly, thinking that she was still on the ship.

"Deeze iz de sheep. Vot doze yooze vant?"

"Ah, yes, well I'm trying to reach Captain Ellis" replies Thomas.

"Yooze Kepten? Zhe haz halready left"

"I see, well, I just wanted to make sure that you are on your way to the feast that has been prepared in your honor."

"A Feast? Ve vill be right hover!!"

Thomas breaks communication and then goes to prepare to 'receive borders' as it were.

Thomas may be a self centered jerk, but his years of owning his own restaurants (and having an amazing wife around) has taught him how to be an exemplary host and to adjust his bearing based on the cliental he is serving, from the ultra snooty rich, to the head banging rock star to the down and dirty biker gang. His joy comes from producing a meal and experience that those that come to him will never forget.


Once the shuttle landed back on the Independence Mystery thanked the pilot for the ride back, walked to the rear of the shuttle removing the hat as she went. After dropping the ramp Mystery headed for her quarters, she had a splitting headache from all the hair pulling. Right now all she wanted was a hot shower, and something for her headache.

The computer let Mystery know that the Chef had tried to contact her while she had been on the Odinskus ship.

Tapping her com-badge "Chef Jefferson this is the captain, I just received word you were trying to reach me. What can I do for you?" Mystery asked

"You are late"

"I'm sorry the tour of the OKD ship took longer than I expected," Mystery responded "I'll be right there," Mystery donned the hat again her headache would have to wait as she made her way to the captain's mess.

As she was about to board the turbolift, Lieutenant Lance called to her on the comms. "Captain, the Odinskus are requesting to dock a second shuttle alongside the Independence. Their Storhatten is aboard and they are saying something about a feast?"

"Tell them permission granted," Mystery answered stepping into the lift.

[Kevin's Quarters]

Kevin was expecting more of an explanation and was disappointed that the Captain was not more forthcoming. He contacted the duty officer at the Tactical Console to permit the docking of the Odinkus shuttle then queried the computer for any information about the feast that had been mentioned.

The computer was a little more informative than the Captain, indicating that Thomas Jefferson had transported a large quantity of food and drink to the Captain's Ward Room, replicated a wooden table and benches, and commandeered six of the ship's personnel. The computer reported that the six commandeer personnel were in the Ward Room and that Jefferson was in the adjacent kitchen.

Grabbing his uniform, Kevin was determined to find out what was going on. Kera looked up from his bed, "Vhy hare yoo getting drezzed?

"Our civilian chef has concocted some sort of feast," Kevin explained, "I swear that man has no sense of protocol or chain of command."

"A feast!" Kera squealed and rose from the bed, grabbing her hat but otherwise naked. "Hy vould lofe to go to a feast!" she continued.

"Well you can't go like that," Kevin said as he pulled on his boots.

"Vhy not?" Kera smiled mischievously, "I hafe mine het!"

Kevin gave Kera an I-am-not-amused look as he tossed her the rough spun tunic. These beings have a seriously strange set of priorities, he thought.



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