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Its all about the herbs

Posted on Mon Jun 29th, 2020 @ 9:12pm by Crewman Thomas Jefferson

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Planet Wilderness
Timeline: Current


Not knowing the internal organization of the Targol Fen's organs, Thomas chose a head shot on his first kill. His first arrow missed by a few inches which caused the bird to pop its head up and look around to see where the odd noise came from. The second arrow was a clean hit severing its spine cleanly.

Dinner on the second night was excellent. Using the herbs, berries and nuts that his wife had found, Thomas made a chutney with the nuts and berries to go with the roasted bird that he cooked over an open fire.

During the middle of the day, Thomas trapped a small furry animal remeniscint of an Earth squirrel, rather than making the animal into a lunch item, he decided to chat with it about life in the Risa outback. Unfortunately, not being fluent in Risa-squirrel tongue it turned into a one sided conversation, but even with that the squirrel thing seemed to enjoy eating the nuts it was offered.


Thomas Jefferson
Captains Chef


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