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Doctor, Heal Thyself

Posted on Mon Jul 27th, 2020 @ 9:33pm by Crewman Thomas Jefferson & Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Risa
Timeline: Current


Natasha smiled. "Well, most people who visit Risa enjoy beaches, relaxation'hedonistic' activity'" Natasha said, visibly uncomfortable.

'Prude' thought Feyd, but what he said was "None of that appeals to me...what else you got?"

Natasha was disappointed in his response. Part of her, a small part...well maybe a medium part wanted him to say 'yes' to the last one. She mentally shook herself. 'He is not interested in you 'Tasha'. Get over it. But what she said was "Well, Risa has beautiful back country. We could go camping."

"Perfect." He said. Let's go.


The bounty found in the wilds of Risa was amazing. Besides the Fen that he came looking for, both Marie and Thomas found numerous plats, herbs and nuts to experiment with. Even his new squirrel friend was enjoying all the free food he was getting.

The fact that one of the tubers they found turned out to be a powerful hallucinogen didn't slow them down.

[In town]

As Relor was reviewing the planetary survey, he noticed that there was a Starfleet shuttle on the ground approximately 500km NW of his current position.

"Huh" Feyd said, glancing at his tricorder. "There's a Starfleet shuttle just over this ridge. Let's go check it out."

Natasha groaned as she forced herself to rise, they had been hiking all day and she had just cozied up to the fire. She didn't know how Feyd got the energy...he didn't look like he was in that good a shape.

The two hiked up the small rise and down the other side and, sure enough, there was a Starfleet shuttle. They approached it just as the sun was setting. "Ho there!" Feyd called, and was surprised to find Crewman Jefferson digging around in the dirt. Feyd grinned. "What's a man like you doing in a place like this?"

Thomas didn't look up to see who the new arrivals were as he dropped another hand full of grubs into the bucket next to him. "You are slow even for a white man, dinner will be ready in about an hour which gives you enough time to clean up."

Natasha looked at Feyd with a confused expression on her face and sputtered a bit, wondering if this was all planned. Feyd just shook his head with a smile on his face.

At which Thomas stood up brushing the dirt from his hands he held one out to Natasha and said "Hi, I'm Thomas Jefferson, we haven't had the pleasure".

Natasha took his hand and said "Hi, I'm Natasha, Natasha Grimm, pleasure to meet you."

Thomas leaned in a bit and said "I could hear you and your boy friend tromping through the woods, besides your smell preceded you" winking at her.

Both Natasha and Feyd quickly rebutted Thomas's statement (almost too quickly) as they talked over each other "not my boyfriend" "shes my nurse"...

Marie chose this time to step out of the shuttle with a tray, saving both of them any further embarrassment, "Bonsoir, bienvenue dans notre maison loin de chez soi," continuing in English in her thick french accent "You are from the ship of the Federation, no?"

Natasha brightened up immediately when she discovered she was not the only female in the area and leaped forward to help Marie set the table "Yes, we are, from the Independence"

"Yes, the Independence, that is the ship we travel on. It is very much like a sky scrapper in space n'est-ce pas?" Marie, ever the exceptional hostess, pulled Natasha into her circle and made her feel at home immediately with her bright smile and lilting voice.

While the women became better acquainted, Thomas led Feyd around the far side of the shuttle where he had set up his fire pit for cooking. Pulling a couple of bottles from a container he handed one to Feyd, "A local brew, I believe it will pair well with" waving at the small animals on spits over the fire "whatever that is."

Relor happily took the bottle and popped the top to take a swig. After a long day of hiking, the bitter liquid cooled his thirst a bit. Looking questioningly at the pit he said "Whatever that is?"

"Well, it looked a bit like a cross between a rabbit and a jila monster. The bio scanner said it's safe to eat, so you and your 'nurse' can be my test subjects for this meal."

"She really is my nurse... from the ship..." Feyd stops himself from talking, being self conscious around others was not a trait that he displayed, ever...except when he was with Sunfeather, one of the only people in his circle of 'friends'. John had constantly challenged him for who he was and pushed him beyond limits he never knew he had. "You remind me of your Uncle, how is he? I haven't seen or spoken to him in a couple of years."

"Last I saw him he was working for Starfleet Intelligence, he said he was leaving on some mission to some place he couldn't tell me without killing me afterwards, I chose not to test his resolve on that." Rotating the critters on the spits to allow for even cooking he continued. "He had some fellow with him at the time, gave me the creeps just being in the same room with him."

Feyd just said "Graven" quietly.

"Yes, that was his name, not sure why my uncle insists on associating with people like that."

Feyd just grimaced 'sometimes people like 'that' are necessary to get the job done' he thought to himself, shaking his head at memories best forgotten "What brings you out to the middle of nowhere?"

"Ah, yes, we are here looking for the next banquet item for the new captain of the Independence, as my contract was extended under the new command, I thought she deserved something unique from her home planet. That and Marie loves any opportunity to spend time in nature to add new flowers to her collection."

Feyd held up the bottle. "I'll drink to that." He said. "I know Risa is supposed to be a paradise and all that, but I just don't see the appeal of the clubs and beaches. They've managed to make laziness romantic somehow, and everyone seems to have bought into it. Well, except for you and Marie."

Jefferson just smiled in that knowing way he had, and much to his surprise, Feyd just kept talking. "I wouldn't even be here if I wasn't ordered to be, I can find plenty of entertainment just staying on the ship."

"Why were you ordered to be here?" Thomas asked.

"Long story, let's just say Starfleet Medical thinks I need a break."

"You've had a hard life, according to your file. Maybe they're right."

Feyd shrugged, feeling more at ease than he had in many years. For some reason, Jefferson had that effect on him. He supposed it was the Sunfeather blood line. John was one of the few people in the universe that could see right through him, and frequently forced him to face parts of himself that he tried hard to bury.

He sighed contentedly anyway, leaned back and took another long pull from the bottle. The two men sat in silence and watched the sun set.



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