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Posted on Thu Aug 27th, 2020 @ 8:56am by Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor

Mission: Distress Call
Location: Freighter
Timeline: Current


Not sure what Silk said about writing for others on his character but to move the plot forward I'll include some stuff from him. If you feel it necessary to remove those, let me know.



Feyd regarded the EMH with something approaching repulsion, then said "Listen, whatever happens here while I'm gone, she is in charge, is that clear?"

The EMH cleared his throat in a digital impression of someone about to deliver some uncomfortable news. "Well, technically, I am a fully qualified Medical Doctor, and she is a nurse, so according to..."

"Bup bup bup.." Feyd said, placing a finger to the hologram's lips. "I am the Chief Medical Officer of this ship, am I not?"

"Well yes."

Natasha busied herself readying Sickbay and wisely chose to stay out of the conversation.

"And therefore my orders hold up as long as I'm alive, is that also not so?" Feyd said with a hint of playfulness in his voice that Natasha knew was nothing but dangerous. Feyd didn't do playful.

"Yes, also true." Said the hologram.

"Then she..." he said pointing at Natasha's back, "Is in charge until I return. That's an order."

"Yes Doctor." Said the EMH.

Feyd adjusted his medical bag on his shoulder, heaved a disgusted sigh, and headed for the transporter room."

[Transporter Room]

Silk regarded his team. Despite having a reputation as a playboy he was all business now, any trace of the casual, arrogant man he came off as completely gone. As the team made their final equipment checks, he stepped on to the pad.

"Listen up. You know your jobs, you know the mission. Watch each other's backs and come back in one piece, that's an order." He said, taking his position. Unlike the others, Lt Lance had his weapon drawn, held casually at his side.

"Energize," He said, and everyone disappeared in a blue haze.


As the haze cleared from their vision, the first thing they noticed was the man laid back casually in what appeared to be a modified Captain's chair, his arms folded behind his head, staring at an image on the viewscreen of the Independence. He turned at the appearance of the away team and smiled.

"Well thank goodness." He said casually, "I was beginning to get nervous, but here comes the mighty Federation, to the rescue. I knew I could count on you to muck around in a man's business. I'm Captain Reynolds of the Olympia."


"They have sent an away team to the freighter, just as we expected."

"Very good, time to execute our plan."


Let's go people!

Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor
Chief Medical Officer
USS Independence


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