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Check Up Time - Part1

Posted on Fri Aug 28th, 2020 @ 1:30pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell

Mission: Distress Call
Location: Freighter
Timeline: Current


Lt. O'Connell approached the freighter's Captain "Captain Reynolds I'd like to go to the Engine Room and see if I can't get this old girl running again, if you have no objections.”

"Go ahead, knock yourself out" was Reynolds retort.

“Where exactly is the Engine Room located.”

"The Engine Room is on deck 3. Take the Lift, I think it's still functional."

Jamie turned to Commander Silk and got a nod of approval from him "Take Lt. Balrog with you; he may be able to help."

"Aye Sir" Jamie replied and with that he and Brooks made their way to the Lift. "Computer...Deck 3" was Jamie's request; but nothing happened, not even a response. "That's odd" Jamie thought as he happened to look down and saw a row of buttons on the wall, one of which said Deck 3 written beside it. So he pushed the button and suddenly the lift came alive. "That's quaint" Brooks said as the sweat was beaded-up on his forehead. "Are you ok Lieutenant?" Jamie asked. "Well I think that I may have gained a pound or two since my last away mission; this uniform seems pretty tight. Not to mention the fact that I'm not a big fan of away missions" Brooks answered. "Well hopefully this mission goes better than the last one that we were on together" Jamie mused.

"Me too" was Brook’s response.

Arriving on Deck 3 they made their way to the Engine room.

"Lt. Balrog take this tricorder and check to see if there is power in any of the conduits" Jamie asked as Brooks just stood and looked at him "Don't worry it's safe." Brooks nodded ok and started to check the conduits for power.

Meanwhile Lt. O'Connell grabbed the other tricorder and began to check the ship's engine to see why it was dead-in-the-water.

“Lt. O’Connell the power seems to have stopped at this junction box.” was Lt. Balrogs surprised comment.

“Let’s have a look” Jamie said as he made his way to the junction box and pried it open. “Bloody Hell!!; it looks like parts are missing.”

“Would appear so” Brooks agreed.

“Ok, give me a hand and let’s check the Engine for any missing parts since I can’t get any kind of readings from it” was Jamie’s idea.

The two Lieutenants proceeded to check the ship’s engine one process at a time.

After some time had passed Lt. O’Connell found what he had surmised; because of what they had found in the junction box….. missing engine parts. It looked like someone had intentionally removed some of the parts from the engine as well as the junction box.

“I better inform Commander Silk of what we’ve found and see how he wants us to proceed” Jamie told Brooks.

“Sounds like a good idea to me” Brooks agreed……


Lieutenant Jamie O'Connell
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Independence


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