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Secret Agent Man

Posted on Mon Oct 19th, 2020 @ 5:57pm by Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor

Mission: By Odin!
Location: Odinskus Ship
Timeline: Current

The shuttle carrying the Ambassador's staff and Doctor Relor docked with the Odinskus ship along the superstructure attached to one end of the cylindrical ship.

Feyd had missed the Captain when she had been taken by shuttle to the Odinskus ship and he initially feared the reaction from John. Fortunately, he had run into Desmora Keti, the Trill Engineering Attaché on Ambassador Baer's staff in the transporter room. She and the Ambassador's Science Attaché had planned to transport over to the Odinskus ship but the transporter specialist had been unable to lock into an area sufficient to beam them over. Finally, the decision was made to commandeer one of the ship's shuttles and follow the Captain's example.

The original party was larger but had to be winnowed down to the 6 passengers that the shuttle was designed to carry. The final group that awaited the opening of the air lock on the Odinskus ship consisted of Feyd, Desmora and the Science Attaché, two of their functionaries, and a lone security guard from the Independence's crew.

Desmora and the Science Attaché both worn hats of similar height, their functionaries wore smaller hats, leaving only Feyd and the security guard hatless. The airlock opened and they were greeted by a short, burly Odinskus wearing tall hat and a blue robe with the three interlocking gold triangle design on his chest that Feyd had seen in the Independence's shuttle bay. Behind him were three Odinskus warriors wearing armor and small helms with nasal guard, carrying round shields and short spears.

With an accent that sounded vaguely Scottish, the short Odinskus said, "Aye welcom' ya to the Sleipnir. Aye am Yppersteprest Sven Solveigsson."

The Engineering Attaché stepped forward and coolly replied, "I am Desmora Keti, Attaché to Ambassador Baer and this is my colleague Piers Albach." Desmora tugged on Sven's beard braid and he responded by tugging on one of her hair braids. "The unkempt man without a hat," Desmora indicated Feyd, "is some sort of Starfleet doctor."

Feyd stepped forward reluctantly. He didn’t understand all the pomp these people seemed to enjoy, but when in Rome…

“Yes I’m the doctor…healer…medicine man? I’m not sure what the equivalent would be among your people. I have orders to observe your crew at work for…Federation study.”

He got closer to Solveigsson and tugged on his beard. “Gong.”

"We ken what doctors arrrre," a vaguely annoyed Sven replied, "We arrrre naught as primitive as ull that!" He turned and lead the party down a spiral stairway leading deeper into the superstructure. As he walked, he launched into a soliloquy on the ship's design and construction punctuated only occasionally by a question from Demora or her colleague.

After passing through a forest of equipment described as the ship's sensor array, the party emerged onto the control deck. There were consoles aplenty all manned by stern looking Odinskus.

Feyd approached one of the dour looking officers. “Tell me what you’re working on here.” He said, nonchalantly setting the modified medical tricorder down on the control panel. “What do all these lines mean?” As an afterthought, he tugged on the man’s beard. “Gong.”

The Odinskus, without removing his eyes from the displays on his console, reach to grab Feyd's non-existent beard, caught his nose instead and gave a short tug. "Hy am monitouring de lokal grafitational fieldz for dere heffect on nafigation. De linez haare pozzible courze plotz."

Feyd feigned extreme interest in the gravitational fields. “I’m a doctor, not a physicist.” He said, deadpan. “Where are these fields coming from?” He said, tugging on the man’s beard a second time.


The doctor had no idea how long the modified tricorder needed to remain on the equipment, but he hoped it was only moments. Any second now he would need to gather it and move on.

"De uzual tings. 'tars, planetz, moonz, udder sheeps," the Odinskus replied, then he looked at Feyd, "Vhy yoo keep zaying 'Gong'?"

“Oh.” Said Feyd, “I thought it was what you people did to show respect.” He saw the modified tricorder flicker, then the lights on it turned green. He figured that meant it got what it needed.

"De Gong iz only fer ceremonihal occazzions betveen high ranking indifidualz," the Odinskus replied turning back to the displays.

“Laird Docter, we’ll be proceedin’ to ta hengineerin’ deeck if you’ll a’company oos,” Sven called out.

“Dont forgeetz yoose bux,” the Odinkus held out the modified medical tricorder to Feyd, his attention fixed on the displays in front of him.

Feyd took the tricorder, patted the Odinskus on the shoulder and continued on the tour.


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