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Breaking A Sweat

Posted on Tue Oct 20th, 2020 @ 9:23am by Commander Jamie O'Connell

Mission: By Odin!
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: Pre Feast



Jamie had just returned to his quarters after his shift and decided to see if he could join Ensign Devroe soon for a workout session. It had been a few days since their conversation in Engineering.

Tapping his Comm “Lieutenant O'Connell to Ensign Devroe”

“Go ahead Lieutenant” Heather responded.

“If your offer still stands I'd like to join you for a workout session” Jamie asked.

“Sure...that would be great. Tomorrow morning good for you, let's say at 0400 hours” she inquired.

“Yes, that would be fine, I'll see you then” he said being a little nervous since he had not had a chance to workout in awhile.


As Jamie entered the Holodeck he noticed that the Ensign was already inside and had started to warmup. She was dressed in bight blue workout attire that hugged the bottom half of her body quite nicely with a bare midriff showing. Her abs were so fit and toned that you could have bounced a coin off them. The top half of her was clothed very snuggly and she looked quite stunning in that outfit; let's just say that the Starfleet Uniform did absolutely nothing for her appearance.

“Good morning Lieutenant....on time, I'm impressed. Are you ready to get started” Heather said with a smile.

“Thanks...yes I'm ready.... but please call me Jamie” he stated.

“Ah....let's keep it professional until we get to know each other a little better Lieutenant” she insisted.

“As you wish Ensign” he answered feeling somewhat embarrassed.

“Good, I'll have you warm up first...please take off your shirt” Heather wanted to see what she was dealing with workout wise and also wouldn't mind seeing if he was as fit as she hoped he was..

Jamie stood with his shirt off as she made her way around him, at a distance, carefully noticing “Chest is nicely developed and so are the abs. The arms could be a little beefier and these back muscles could use a little work also. But all in all he's in quite good shape...I like what I see so far” Heather was thinking to herself.

“Computer....inclining walkway “ she commanded; the walkway suddenly appeared out of thin air.

“Lieutenant please get on the walkway I want to see how your heart rate is and also it will help you to warm up.” she said.

As soon as he stepped onto the walkway “Just relax and I'm going to start it up now” so she started the apparatus to about half speed and soon Jamie was moving at a fast trot. The Ensign then raised the incline somewhat to get his heart beating faster. When she was comfortable with his progress she raised the incline even more and let him go for about ten minutes. After the time had passed Heather lowered the incline back to zero and stopped the machine.

“Ok you can get off now” and Heather went over to Jamie and placed her hand over his heart for a few moments “Good....a nice strong heartbeat with good rhythm” while noticing just how nice his toned and well developed chest really was up close.

“ do you feel?” she asked, not being sure what he would say.

“Actually...I feel pretty good”

“Step over here and I'll show you some exercises you can do while I finish the rest of my workout” she directed “You can do these exercises in you quarters when you have some downtime, but work into it gradually with maybe twenty reps to start then slowly work your way up from there.”

Heather showed Jamie the exercises before going back to her own workout and told him to start them now and do them until the end of their session.

Jamie watched her do the rest of her workout, while doing his own exercises, and was amazed how she could twist and turn her body in that fashion along with kicks and punches while doing everything lighting fast. She continued her workout for about another thirty minutes.

At the end of her workout Heather walked her way over to Jamie, while breathing almost normally “Have you had enough for now Lieutenant” she asked.

“Yes...I'm good Ensign” was his response while trying not to stare at her toned body.

“ do your exercises and we can get back together again in a few days, if you like” Heather said with a smile.

“Ok...and yes I would like to work out with you again” he answered smiling also.

“ other thing, I would appreciate it if what goes on in this room you keep to yourself. I would prefer that the other Crew members not know about my abilities” she instructed while thinking “Now we'll see if he can be trusted or not before I waste too much of my time.”

“Not a lips are sealed, you can trust me” Jamie responded knowing that he would never betray a trust.

As Heather was making her way back to her quarters she was thinking “Mr. O'Connell definitely has quite a bit of potential; I hope that he's someone that I can trust. So we'll see what happens.”

Going off in the opposite direction Jamie was making his way back to his own quarters thinking to himself “The Ensign is not only very talented, but she is also very pleasant and quite beautiful. Maybe...just maybe this is someone that I can get to know better and spend some time with; but we'll see.”



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