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The Feast VI

Posted on Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 @ 1:59pm by Lieutenant JG Kevin Lance & Captain Mystery Ellis & Commander Jamie O'Connell

Mission: By Odin!
Location: Captain's Ward Room
Timeline: Current

The rest of the dinner continued without incident. The Storhatten continued to spin tales of his youth for Commander Gillespie, Astra continued her conversation by directing her attention away from the sleeping doctor toward Ensign Devroe, and Jamie successfully dodged additional advances from the Odinkus tech priest. Kevin observed that the Odinskus guests were drinking much less than he would have expected.

The haggis was dubiously approached by all of the dinners. A few of the Odinskus poked at the sheep’s bladder with their knives but none actually eat the contents. The cheese and apples were much better received.

The Storhatten was polishing off an apple when he stood and called down the table, “Hy vould like to tank Keptain Ellis for hinviting oos to zuch han hinterezting feazt. Who vould hafe t’ought ov boiling meat like han hegg?” There was a titter of laughter from the Odinskus.

Mystery stood and looked at the Storhatten "It's been my pleasure and it's been an honor to have you aboard. My chef is the one who prepared this meal. As you can tell he's an excellent cook,"

"De meal vas novhere near az hexcellent az de kompany," the Storhatten replied, nodding to Chuck. The woman on Jamie's left agreed enthusiastically and Kera smiled broadly at Kevin. Further down the table, a strapping Odinkus captain to Ensign Devroe's left gave her a hug with one massive arm.

Ensign Devroe was very surprised by the Odinkus captain's advance towards her " How dare he be so presumptuous as to invade my personal space in such a fashion! If we were any place else I would put him down on the floor is short order" she thought to herself. Heather had all that she could do to contain herself knowing that she would probably be in big trouble if she were to use her special abilities; which would also 'let the cat out of the bag' as far as her abilities were concerned. The Ensign just grimaced and smiled while not moving a muscle.

Meanwhile Jamie had looked up towards the Ensign's direction and could see the consternation on her face after being hugged in such a fashion. He felt quite helpless, at this point, to even attempt to try and help her; although he knew that the Ensign was more than capable of taking care of herself. Besides the fact that Jamie didn't want to get himself into trouble; he had just dodged the bullet with the robed women and didn't want to push his Irish luck.

"I hope dat ve kan hozt yoose haboard ze Sleipnir zometime," he said, standing with some formality. The other Odinskus took their cue and stood as well. "Hand vid dat, ve vill bid yoo a good hevening."

"It's been a pleasure having you aboard. I also bid you a good evening. I'll see to it your escorted to the shuttle bay and I look forward to another meeting," Mystery said.

As everyone was starting to leave Jamie bid the two robed ladies a good evening and looked up as he saw the Ensign making her way to the door. Quickly he followed suit and met her as she was leaving.

"Ensign how are you doing?" Jamie inquired, but didn't get an answer but just an upset look. "May I have the pleasure of walking you back to your Quarters?"

Then a smile came over her face as she responded "Yes, I'd like that."

Kevin approached Feyd, shaking him gently of the shoulder. "Dinner's over, sir", he said, "Time to get you to your quarters." Kevin looked over towards Jamie for assistance but the Chief Engineer was preoccupied with Ensign Devoe. With sigh, Kevin tapped his comm badge to request assistance from his security team.


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