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The Feast V

Posted on Sun Nov 15th, 2020 @ 8:54pm by Commander Charles Gillespie VII

Mission: By Odin!
Location: Captain's Ward Room
Timeline: Current

The bowls of Skyr and the platters of fruits and grains were cleared and replaced with bowls of soup. The general commotion of the diners and overlapping conversations made discussion between different sections of the table impossible. As the Odinskus slurped soup from their soups with great relish, the Independence officers were left with the decision whether or not to drink directly from their bowls.

"Zo, tell me aboot yoozelf," The Storhatten directed to Chuck.

"Well, I come from a place called Colorado. I come from a long line of Starfleet officers. I am distantly related to a great naval hero, and I came to space to explore."

"Eet vas traditional det hinformed yoos choice of kareer?" the Storhatten asked, then slurped soup from his soup noisily.

"You could say that, yes. I never imagined doing anything besides Starfleet. When I was younger, my father served on small ships. My mother and siblings couldn't go with him. So, I saw a lot of the galaxy from starbases. I learned early that there was always something beyond the horizon. I wanted to see it." Chuck took a loud slurp from his soup as well.

"Doez zerving in yoose Zarfleet zatizfy deese vunderlust?"

"It does. Humans have been exploring the galaxy for 400 years. We've seen so very little of it."

"Hy yam zo jealouz!" The Storhatten declared, "To go a wiking in zuch a vazt hexpanze! Hy henvy yoose yoong pipple. Zo much time hend zo much to do."

Chuck smiled and laughed. "So, tell me, my friend, about your adventures."

"Ach! Zo many ztoriez!" the Storhatten exclaimed, "Hy firzt vent on hexploration vid mine vather und mooter vhen hy va yust a lad. Ve zet hout hupon de kyrztal zee..." The Storhatten's tale spun out through the remainder of the soup course and well into the braised eel that followed. It was a tale of a dangerous sea voyage and strange, new lands. The use of sail and oar to navigate under muscle power particularly interested Chuck, given the time he had spent learning to sail.

The Storhatten's tales were briefly interrupted by Odinskus shouts of agreement and pounding on the table at an exchange between Lietuenant Lance and the Jungfru Kera down at the middle of the table. The Storhatten beamed with pride. "Hour crewz happear to be getting halong vell."

"Indeed!" Chuck smiled broadly and raised his drink in salute. The Storhatten let loose with a belly laugh and smacked his mug against Chuck's.


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