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Not here too?!?

Posted on Fri Jan 15th, 2021 @ 3:19pm by Lieutenant Brooks Balrog

Mission: By Odin!
Location: Corridor, outside of Balrog's quarters
Timeline: After "Poker Night," Before "Collision Warning II"


{Corridor, outside of Balrog's quarters}

Brooks trudged toward his room, dejected that he couldn't find the poker game. "Maybe next time," he said to himself. "I guess I'll just replicate something... ice cream!" His spirit raised.


His head had hit the door. "What the?!" He backed up and then took another step forward. The door didn't move. Then he did it again. The door still didn't respond. "What's going on here?"

Finally he looked down and noticed that his comm badge was missing.

"Oh boy."


Lt. Brooks Balrog
Chief Operations Officer
USS Independence


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