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Collision Warning II

Posted on Mon Jan 11th, 2021 @ 8:31pm by Lieutenant JG Kevin Lance & Commander Charles Gillespie VII & Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor & Commander Jamie O'Connell

Mission: By Odin!
Location: Bridge of the USS Independence
Timeline: Current

Chuck took his position in the Captain's chair. "Put the Storhatten on, Chief."

The viewscreen image of the damaged Odinskus ship dissolved and was replaced by the image of their Captain. "Hindependenze, dis iz Sleipnir," she called out.

"Sleipnir, what is your status? We stand ready to assist."

"Ve hit a pieze of dark matter det reapped halong de zurface of de Sleipnir,” Captain Karrelsdottar reported with a stoicism that would have rivaled a Vulcan, “Hour sheep’s varp field generator iz kompromised hand main power iz hoff-line. Two of hour long wessels vere deztroyed and zeveral hothers vere demaged. Ve hare repozitioning funktional creft to regain kontrol of de Sleipnir.”

"How can we assist? We have damage control crews standing by." Chuck looked to Jamie.

O'Connell could hear the current conversation between the Commander and the Sleipnir; so when the Commander looked O'Connell's way Jamie gave him a 'thumbs up' indicating that the damage control crews were ready and could beam-over in a moments notice.

"Demage kontrol teamz vould be very helpful," the Okinskus captain replied, "but ve hare in most need of medikal haide."

Chuck pointed to Jamie and jabbed his thumb towards the turbolift. "Sickbay, send a medical team to the transporter room immediately."

Upon seeing the Commander's gesture Jamie nodded towards the him and made his way to the turbolift "Well, I guess I'm going to the Sleipnir" he thought to himself. "O'Connell to Engineering" Jamie said after entering the lift".

"T'Sol here Lieutenant" came the reply.

"T'Sol have the damage control team meet me in Transporter Room 2, we're going to the Sleipnir and hopefully fix their ship. Make sure they have all the equipment we need and send Crewman Decker to the Engineering Station on the Bridge. I need you in Engineering to replicate any parts that we may need." was O'Connell's long instructions.

"Aye Lieutenant" came the response "Be careful over there."

When entering the Transporter Room "Okay team let's get this done...your the best Starfleet has so let's make them proud." Jamie said in a reassuring way.

Tapping his Comm "Commander we're ready to beam over on your command" O'Connell announced waiting on the Commander.

"Energize," Chuck's disembodied voice replied.

The Transporter Officer's hands operated over the controls and the damage control team began to fade only to rematerialize on the pad. "Commander, I am having trouble maintain a lock on the Odinskus ship. Energy emanating from their ship is interfering with the transporter lock."


Feyd rushed into Sickbay amid the red alert alarm klaxons ringing. “Sitrep.” He demanded.

Nurse Grimm turned, a medical tricorder and his signature triage go kit slung over her shoulder. “The Sleipnir hit a patch of dark matter.” She said, not feeling the need to fill him in on the obvious point that they could use medical assistance. She tossed him another one of his signature go bags, containing a medical tricorder, various old fashioned unpowered medical tools and a set of pattern enhancers.

“All right then.” He said, and with her, headed to the transporter room.


Good Lord, Chuck thought. What else could go wrong. "Hangar Deck - start preparing two shuttles for departure. Sleipnir, can you accept shuttlecraft at this time?"

"Ze main dokking port vas deztroyed venn de dark matter reapped troo de kommunikationz harray," the Odinskus Captain replied, "but ve ken detach vone hof de long wessels to hekkept youze zhuttlekraft."

"Do it. Our teams will be aboard as soon as possible."

[[Transporter Room]]

O'Connell looked around only to realize that they were still aboard the Independence "What the bloody hell" he thought to himself as he made his way to the Transporter Officer's control panel. "Why are we still here" he asked being quite surprised.

The Officer explained the situation to the Lieutenant and was waiting for a response from the Commander.

Tapping his Comm "Lieutenant O'Connell to Commander Gillespie, since the Transporters can't beam us over to the Sleipnir do you want us to take a Shuttle over" Jamie asked wanting to get a move on as soon as possible.

"Go ahead and standby at the hangar deck. Trying to confirm if that is possible," Chuck replied.

"Aye Commander, I'll move my team there and await your orders" Jamie replied "Ok Team, grab your equipment and let's head to the Hanger Deck." O'Connell and his team made their way to the Hanger Deck without haste.


"Bridge to Reylor - head to the hangar deck. We can't get a transporter lock," Chuck ordered.

"Shuttlecraft standing by, Commander," Kevin announced.

When O'Connell and his Team entered the Hanger Deck, a Deck Crewman approached them "Lieutenant, right this way we have a Shuttle ready and standing by."

"Thank you Crewman" Jamie replied "Ok Team let's get on board and stow your gear" was his instructions. The Engineering Team entered the Shuttle and waited for the Medical Team to arrive before departing for the Sleipnir.

Feyd appeared shortly thereafter, all business, with nurse Grimm in his wake. He made no comment as he strode past everyone gathered directly into the shuttle. Natasha smiled apologetically, shrugged, and followed him.

Chuck's voice came across Jamie's com badge. "Bridge to O'Connell - you'll rendezvous with one of Sleipnir's long boats. Good luck!"

"Understood Commander; thanks....we'll make you proud" O'Connell answered. Jamie gave his Team some last minute instructions before departing the Independence.


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