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Staff Call

Posted on Tue Feb 9th, 2021 @ 1:34pm by Lieutenant JG Kevin Lance & Captain Mystery Ellis & Commander Charles Gillespie VII & Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor & Lieutenant Brooks Balrog & Commander Jamie O'Connell

Mission: By Odin!
Location: Deep Space
Timeline: Current

{Briefing Room}

As Jamie waited with the other senior staff officers for the Captain’s arrival in the Independence’s command briefing room, he considered his report. He had underestimated the scale of the Odinskus warp field generator and it had taken some creative jury-rigging by himself and the Yppersteprest to space and align the containment enhancers such that the Sleipnir would be able to generate a warp field. They had also needed to connect the portable generators to the ship’s power as the demands of the warp field generator would have quickly depleted the internal power source.

The Sleipnir would now be able to form a warp field but it was so fragile that simulations showed that using the Independence to push the Odinskus ship into a higher state of warp was no longer feasible. The Odinskus would need to move under their own power.

The structure damage caused by the dark matter was more significant. It was quite beyond what could be accompanied without a spacedock and even then, it would take several weeks to return the ship to full form.

Jamie sat waiting for the Captain to arrive while going over what had happened on the Odinskus's ship. He was hoping that his judgement would not be called into question since that was the first time he had set foot on that Ship and getting his first good look at a foreign propulsion system which didn't even remotely come close to anything that he had studied at the Academy. While all of these thoughts were running through his head he looked over in Ensign Devroe's direction and was greeted with a smile. Suddenly all these thoughts left his head and he could only admire her beauty from across the room knowing that they couldn't see each other socially until all of this business with the Odinskus either settled down or was over. As far as the Captain's reasons for this meeting...well he would just have to wait and see.

Kevin noticed Jamie's expression as he was taking his place next to the Chief Engineer at the conference table. Following Jamie's gaze to the Science Officer, Kevin commented, "First Ensign Ferron, now Devroe. You are quite the ladies man, Lieutenant."

Jamie looked at Lance for a moment, then said in a low voice "Ensign Ferron made it abundantly clear to me some time ago that she wanted nothing to do with me. Said I was too much of a distraction and wanted to focus on her career. It just so happened, shortly thereafter, that Ensign Devroe came along" after a wistful sigh "And I'm glad she did. Lance you wouldn't happen to be a little jealous would you?" Jamie chuckled after asking his question.

“Jealously is a waste of time and effort, sir,” Kevin replied slipping into a more formal mode of address, “There is little place for it abroad a starship.”

"Point taken, Lieutenant," Jamie figured that maybe he should just drop the subject.

There was an awkward pause, then Kevin commented, "From the reports, the Odinskus ship isn't going anywhere very fast."

"Sadly the dark matter did a lot of damage to their Ship to the point of needing to be in a Space Dock for proper repairs. Their technology is so far from what we are accustomed to, only with their help could repairs be done effectively. We have managed to have it under it's own power; but only with their input; so it may be a very long escorting mission."

Mystery walked into the briefing room and looked around before taking a seat, she was puzzled as to the nature of the briefing.

The officers stood to attention as Mystery assumed her seat at the head of the briefing table, then the officers sat as well. Commander Gillespie remained standing and addressed the room, "Captain, the purpose of this briefing is to get you decision on our next course of action."

Turning to the to viewscreen, Commander Gillespie recounted the events leading up to the current moment. The collision of the Odinskus ship with the dark matter, the aid rendered to them by the Independence, and the current status of the ship. As he spoke, images of the damage to the Okinskus ship flashed on the screen, including several of Odinskus crew hammering at damaged components with large hammers. As Gillespie concluded, he turned to Jamie and said, "Lieutenant O'Connell, would you brief us on the capability of the Odinskus ship to continue the mission?"

"Thank you Commander" O'Connell responded while collecting his thoughts at the same time "Their Ship has sustained major damage not only to their Engine but also the the Ship's integrity. Any attempt to resume with a warp field, for them to navigate with, would most likely end up with multiple hull breaches or worse. Once we do arrive at the Starbase their Ship would have to go into Space Dock for a major rebuild. This I've discussed with their Chief Engineer and agrees with my assessment."

Then Jamie continued "Captain if you would indulge me for a moment; I believe that the Odinskus Ship can make it to the Starbase, but it will have to be under their own power solely with us monitoring their Ship's systems constantly to advert any potential problems before they happen."

"Can we safely tractor them to the star base? They can't establish a steady warp field and at impulse it's going to take them weeks to get there," Mystery asked.

"Only if we reduce our speed to Warp 1," replied the Chief Flight Officer, "and that wouldn't be any better than the time it would taken them to travel under their own power."

"I hate leaving them alone, our orders were to escort them to Star Base 10," Mystery said.

Chuck put his hands under his chin. "Here's a thought. Since the diplomatic mission is to bring the Odinskus delegation to Starbase 10, why not bring the delegation aboard the Independence? There may be a fleet repair dock that can be brought here to repair the Sleipnir. Everything is years from here at warp 1. Doing this could be seen as an act of goodwill on the part of the Federation."

Feyd was silent throughout the discussion, his mind on the Sleipnir’s wounded. He and Natasha had established an efficient triage system for them, but notions around who could be saved and who could not were alien to the Odinskus. He could not force them to use his methodology, but it was the one that would save the most lives, he was sure of it. But cultural ideas of health were hard to fight with logic. He had opted to make the recommendation, leave what technology he could, and treat as many people as they would let him. He hoped it was enough.

{Crew Lounge}

Brooks's pillow fell to the floor as he again rolled over on the couch. The official "USS Independence" blanket barely covered his rotund body. It had been a mostly restless night, with all the action and not being able to get into his quarters. However, he was finally sleeping with things now settled down.

{Briefing Room}

Jeanette Wyrick, the Federation First Attaché, was thoughtful as she responded, "The Odinskus might agree to the Commander's proposal. We had offered transport aboard a Federation ship during initial negotiations but they were insistent on using their own craft. Obviously the situation has changed and the Storhatten is a pragmatic man. He could be brought around to seeing the practically of the offer."

"I'll speak to him and invite them aboard," Mystery said

Ms. Wyrick looked as if she was going to say something, then merely shrugged her shoulders.

Chuck turned his head to Mystery. "Captain, with your permission, we'll locate an FRD." He then turned to Jamie. "Mr. O'Connell, if we can't find one, what is your estimate of the probability the Odinskus can repair their ship and get her to a friendly port?"

"Permission granted and keep me posted if you manage to find one," Mystery said.

"Yes, ma'am," Chuck responded. He then nodded to Ensign Ferron. The search was on.

O'Connell thought for a few moments "Obviously the FRD is the best option; as far them being able to do any extensive repairs to the structure of their Ship.....I think that the probability of that is slim to none. They should be able to make it to a friendly port the way they are but it's going to take quite some time." Jamie figured no sense of sugar coating the situation; the Commander asked his opinion so he gave it to him.


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