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So Much for Supper, Part 2

Posted on Wed Apr 29th, 2020 @ 11:50am by Commander Jamie O'Connell
Edited on on Tue May 5th, 2020 @ 2:28pm

Mission: Ghost Station
Location: Unknown
Timeline: Right After Balrog Disappears


Jamie made his way around the area looking for some concrete evidence of where he might be. As he rounded the corner, he saw a plaque on the wall that read " Star Base 945 Cargo Bay". Well at least now he knew where he was; sort of. As he continued around the corridor he could see something up ahead; as he came closer he saw, what seemed to be, several bodies lying on the floor dressed in Star Base uniforms.

" Bloody hell! " Jamie exclaimed out loud. What he saw was horrifying. There were several bodies covered in phaser fire damage and their faces appeared to be somewhat disfigured and their eyes were completely white. As he bent down to take a closer look he noticed that their bodies seemed to be moving, but not moving at the same time.... like the ' shimmering ' that he had seen earlier in the air. Also there was blood everywhere splattered on the walls. Whatever had happened here, one thing was apparent, these people were fighting for their lives and lost!

Jamie decided to check one of the people for a pulse; but what happened next was astonishing. As he checked for a pulse his hand literally passed through the body. Jamie jumped back and couldn't believe what he had just seen. " Ok, that's really strange " he thought to himself " how could that possibly happen. " Could this be the theory that he had learned about at the Academy? Is he " out of phase " with his surroundings? That is the only possible explanation for what he had just experienced; even though it was just a theory and had never been proven.

Jamie decided to push ahead and see what else he could find. Then he saw something leaning against the wall and moved closer to see what it was. What he saw was a small black panel and noticed that it was not shimmering. He bent down and picked it up. Someone or something had placed the panel there to be discovered. " This could be used with his multitool to write a reply message to Lt. Balrog. With that thought he turned and made his way back to the wall trying to get the images of the dead crewman out of his mind.

When he arrived back at the wall he noticed that the Lieutenant was still sitting on the floor. After Jamie got his attention, he scratched out a message with his multitool on the panel which read " I'm Lt. O'Connell. R u ok? " Lt. Balrog nodded yes and said something more but Jamie realized that he could not hear him through the wall.

Jamie stood a few feet from the wall pondering the situation; all he knew was that he had to find a way to communicate with the Independence. But how. "Think Jamie think."

When he looked up Brooks was standing near him. Where's the wall that separated them .............


Lieutenant Jamie O'Connell
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Independence


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