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Starbase 945 Update

Posted on Mon May 11th, 2020 @ 9:28am by Lieutenant JG Kevin Lance & Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Ghost Station
Location: USS Independence
Timeline: Current

"The Away Team is hailing us from the starbase, Captain," the communications officer announced.

"On screen," Mystery ordered.

"Commander Ellis," Kevin acknowledged, "We have secured the Command Hub. The command team including the Commodore are all dead. They appear to have suffered from dehydration as a result of the replicators in the Hub having been disabled from the outside. Several committed suicide."

"The Commodore was a good man. What about the rest of the staff of the starbase? Can you trace and find out who or what disabled the replicators?" Mystery asked."Is there any danger of beaming the bodies over here for autopsy's?"

"The replicators in the Command Hub were deactivated by having power conduits outside of the Command Hub disconnected by what Commodore Smith called 'the infected", replied Kevin, "The command team had barricaded themselves in the Hub. Without replicators, they had no source of water and succumb to dehydration." He muted the audio feed and appeared to ask a question to one of the away team members out of frame. When he resumed, he said, "Doctor Relor suggests that the bodies here are not infected so an autopsy wouldn't yield much of use. Commodore Smith's logs and our own experience suggest that 'the infected' are immune to stun and can't be stopped by much short of disintegration.

"We'll give them a proper burial. How many of the infected have you encountered and what do you suggest? My gut tells me to open the air locks and let them drift off into space. But that's not the right thing to do. Does the doctor think that they can be treated and cured?" Mystery asked "We need to find out how they were infected."

"Doctor Relor is going through the data that Commodore Smith was able to save on her PADD," Kevin responded, "We have encountered only three of the infected so far. One in the Med Bay and two outside the Command Hub. Doctor Relor is suggesting that we need to capture one of the infected to determine cause and treatment."

"I agree," Mystery said "Until a cause and treatment can be determined I can't risk bringing you back aboard."

"Affirmative," Kevin acknowledged.

"Keep me posted and see what the commodore's logs say about those two ships," Mystery said


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