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Now What Part II

Posted on Mon May 18th, 2020 @ 1:42pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell

Mission: Ghost Station
Location: Star Base 945 Cargo Bay
Timeline: Current


As the beings approached, Jamie noticed that Lt. Balrog was standing directly behind him using him as sort of a shield. Without any weapons the two men were at their mercy; but they stood their ground until the beings were within a few feet.

Then one of them spoke" We are the Belleez a race that can exist in many 'phases' of the same timeline. We brought you both here for you to witness firsthand what is happening in this place. These people have been infected with a terrible virus that spreads without reason or remorse."

" So we are out of phase with our surroundings; but why and why the two of us? " was Jamie's burning question.

"Because you are immune to the effects of the virus in this phase and because both of you have a unique gene in your DNA strands that allows us to transport you with little, if any physical or mental trauma. Without this gene the both of you would either be dead or would have gone mad by now." was the reply.

"Ok, but what about our people that came over to this Star Base; are they going to be infected as well? " Jamie asked.

" Not if they continue to wear the protective attire that they are now wearing. The medical persons with them seem to have come up with an antidote for the virus which we were surprised by, given the mental capacity of humans" the Belleez stated.

" Not sure, but I think that we were just insulted" Jamie thought to himself.

" We meant no disrespect to your kind, but we are much more advanced that you are."

Jamie just stood there in awe; how did he know what he was thinking.

" We can also read your thoughts when you are in this phase."

" So what now, are you just going to keep us here forever or are you going to allow us to communicate with our ship " was Jamie's question of the day.

" We will gladly return you both to your ship; but we need you to give a message to the one who makes decisions on your ship. "

" Oh you mean our Captain. "

" Yes, tell your Captain to be very careful when entering the area of space that your ship is about to go into. This disease, as you call it, is a very intelligent being that has ravaged many planets in that system without mercy. We have been following it for a very long time and have not been able to stop it's attack. Although perhaps the antidote that your people have developed may help us in fighting this scourge." the Belleez instructed.

" Alright you have our word that we will deliver your message to our Captain just as soon as we are back on the Independence " Jamie promised.

" Good and just so you know that whatever you did to your communication device, would have worked if we had not blocked your transmission from getting out. We were very impressed".

Jamie nodded and looked over to Brooks with a big smile on his face; much as to say ' told you so'.

" Now then close your eyes and will put you back to the exact place that we took you from. It was our honor to have met you Lt. Jamie O'Connell and you as well Lt. Brooks Balrog" was the closing remarks from the Belleez.

When Jamie opened his eyes he was in his Quarters aboard the USS Independence. Now off to see the Captain.


Lieutenant Jamie O'Connell
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Independence


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