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Briefing The Captain

Posted on Sun Jun 21st, 2020 @ 8:01pm by Captain Mystery Ellis & Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor
Edited on on Sun Jun 21st, 2020 @ 8:03pm

Mission: Ghost Station
Location: USS Independence
Timeline: Current



Captain Ellis watched Feyd impatiently as he gathered his thoughts.

"I administered the cure into the environmental systems." He said, shrugging slightly. "Any infected yet surviving crew members should have been revived."

"That's a good thing. How long will the cure last, say for example someone who ignores the warning buoy and ventures to one of the planets and becomes infected. They return to the base. Will the cure be there to help them?" Mystery asked

Feyd shook his head. "It's designed to kill the virus within a human host, and once deployed, the scrubbers would filter it out of the air. The cure would need to be re-administered to anyone infected after original deployment." He sighed heavily." And that's not even considering what it would do species with unfamiliar autoimmune systems."

"And your probably wondering why I chose to drop a marker buoy and leave this space," Mystery said "Lieutenant O'Connell came to give me a report and it's rather interesting. He informed me that he attended a class at the academy that talked about 'multi-phases' within a timeline. Of course that was just theory; until now. After a short time they were approached by a race that called themselves the 'Belleez' who could travel between different phases within a timeline. They were the ones who transported them to the Cargo Bay. They gave him a stark warning about the organism to give me. They said to be very careful about exploring the Star System that lies ahead of us as that's where the organism comes from. It is highly evolved and intelligent and it has destroyed many planets in that system and does not care who's next."

Feyd whistled under his breath. "Well this cure has proven to work..." he trailed off, aware that his next words were the sort that would either get him into trouble or solidify his position with the new Captain. "I suppose, with a few modifications here and there, that it could be...weaponized."

"Or the cure could be placed in the ventilation system, place enough of it in there is can flood the entire station," Mystery commented. Which do you suggest doctor? But remember we have been warned about that solar system."

Feyd didn't bat an eye. "Agreed. I was hoping you'd say that," he lied. In his mind, weaponizing the cure and eliminating the Belleez threat was not only the best option, but also their responsibility...but that wasn't his call.

"Well sir, if there's nothing else, I have a lot of work to do replicating the cure and getting this out to the medical community." He said, stood, and left.


Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor
Chief Medical Officer
USS Independence


Captain Mystery Ellis
Commanding Officer
USS Independence

OOC: We may return to this mission as a follow up. One never knows


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