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Home Again

Posted on Wed Jun 3rd, 2020 @ 11:28am by Commander Jamie O'Connell

Mission: Ghost Station
Location: Quarters
Timeline: Current


Upon entering his Quarters Jamie expected to find a rotten meal sitting on the table in front of his couch. To his surprise there was no such meal on the table. "That's odd" Jamie thought to himself "Maybe the Belleez took care of it for me. Oh well as long as it's not here I guess that I won't worry about it."

First things first; he decided to do a full report about what had happened to him on the Star Base, even though he had just talked to the Captain. So Jamie sat at his desk and using his PADD he began giving a detailed account of what had happened to himself and Lt. Balrog while away. He wondered if Brooks had even made it back to the ship or not. When he had finished his report he sent a copy to the Captain and also one to the Commander; whoever that may be when the newly created position is filled.

When Jamie had finished his report; he stepped to the replicator and announced " Shepards Pie Irish style." After a few moments he had a hot meal and was hoping to actually have a chance to eat it this time. After eating he sat back on his couch and was soon fast asleep.

Jamie woke up, after a few hours, and thought to himself "I should probably go to Sick Bay and get checked out." So with that thought he left his Quarters and made his way to the Turbo Lift. "Sick Bay" Jamie said and off he went to see Medical.


Lieutenant Jamie O'Connell
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Independence


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