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Behind the Scenes

Posted on Tue Sep 15th, 2020 @ 9:40am by Crewman Thomas Jefferson & Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor

Mission: By Odin!
Location: USS Independence
Timeline: Current


Feyd was asleep. Or he thought he was asleep. There was an insistent ringing in the background that was causing him to become very annoyed with the ringing as it was making it very hard to continue to be asleep. Rolling over with his arm across his eyes he says "Computer, answer incoming call".

"Identified, Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor. Incoming transmission, security profile Alpha niner niner." Replies the computer in its typically emotionally neutral tone of voice. "Retinal scan required"

"Go away"

"Retinal scan required" prompts the computer again.

Groaning, Feyd sits up and stumbles over to the console on his desk and says "Computer, proceed with retinal scan".

It takes the computer two tries as Feyd was having trouble keeping his eyes open long enough for the computer to get a solid scan.

"Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor identified."

As the screen clears from the official starfleet symbol, Feyd sees a face come into focus that he had not seen in a few years.

"Feyd, my old friend, how have you been?"

After a moment allowing his brain to come into focus, thinking that the next time the Chef wanted him to taste test a new dish that came with an Antarian Brandy that he might just have to refuse, he finally identifies the face on the screen. "John! My god its been a long time you bastard, last time I saw you you left me in an Orion brothel with two greenies and a huge bar tab!"

Chuckling to himself John says "oh, yeh, well as I remember you bet me you could beat the two Orions mud wrestling, not my fault you picked the only married Orion in the bar to make a pass at."

Waving it off he says "yeh yeh yeh," cutting to the chase "there must be some reason you are harassing me in the middle of the night."

"Small talk still isn't your thing I see." Glancing away from the camera for a moment John looks like he is tapping at a separate terminal "your ship has a new mission, you will be travelling to Pyxis Alpha 5 to escort their diplomatic mission back to Federation space."

"How do you..." remembering that his friend had moved over to the dark side of Starfleet Intelligence "oh yeh, ok, so you know where we are going, what do you want".

"I need you to just set your medical tricorder down on one of their ships computer panels"

Glancing over at his tricorder Feyd sees the screen flash as the tricorder resets.

Feyd grew skeptical. John was his friend, one of the few true friends he had allowed into his life, but he was a creature of Section 31, the most secretive branches of Starfleet, and his agenda may or may not take in to account the careers or futures of the tools he used to accomplish his goals. On the other hand, he was a friend, and he couldn’t believe John would put him in harm’s way.

“I supposed that’s an order,” he says quietly.

Smiling sweetly John replies "You know I'm not in your chain of command, besides I wouldn't feel right ordering a friend around." As the smile fades his expression is replaced with an intense stare that Feyd knew all too well. "Though, if a friend were to do another friend a favor, that friend would owe a significant favor in return," pausing for a moment he continues, "especially when our pointy eared friends have an unusually high interest in Pyxis and we are a little short on time to figure out why, besides the strategic importance of the planet."

Feyd's mind switches to an image of a Starfleet medical officer, cloaked in secrets like a dark mantle surrounding him. Ooooh, thrilling. "I'm in." He says, grabbing the tricorder.



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