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Posted on Mon Mar 23rd, 2020 @ 8:40pm by Crewman Thomas Jefferson

Mission: Ghost Station
Location: Ship
Timeline: after conflict on the station/prior to ship departure

Well that shopping trip sucked...


[station sickbay]
Dr Reylor arrived at the station sickbay to transport his patient to the Independence sickbay so that he would not miss the departure as the ship needed to get underway for its mission.

The duty nurse informed Feyd that Thomas had checked himself out already against medical advice, and since he is not a member of starfleet the fleet surgeon couldn't stop him.

Tapping his comm badge Feyd says <^>Computer... Locate Civilian Thomas Jefferson<^>. There is a pause as the computer searches the station and then pings local ships. <^>Civilian Thomas Jefferson is in Cargo Bay 9 aboard the USS Independence<^>. Grumbling under his breath at the stupidity of patients taking their health into their own hands he heads double time to the Independence cargo bay.

[Independence Cargo Bay 9]

Upon arrival at the Cargo Bay, Reylor finds Thomas inspecting a number of 8x40x8' cargo containers all of which have his restaurants logo emblazoned on the sides. Walking up behind him he gets a good view into one of them and sees that it is basically a gigantic fish tank filled with various fish separated by transparent aluminum partitions.

"Thomas! What were you thinking?!? Leaving sickbay like that, you need time for the work the dermal knitters did to set!"

Thomas turns around, his right arm in a sling. "Its just a minor wound, besides you did a great job patching me up." Turning back to his fish tanks "and I don't have time to spend laying about a bed, there is work to do to ensure that my containers are in good order." Tapping at a PADD attached to the side of the tank "and its a good thing too, look at this!" stepping aside a bit and waving at the active graphs on the PADD "The PH level is all wrong for the Salmon, and the salt water tank's oxygen level is off." Tapping away at the PADD Feyd can see turbulance begin in the water as balance is being restored for its denizens."

"Look Thomas, I am your doctor and I'm telling you that you need to go rest and give the healing a chance before you tear your wound open again."

"I appreciate your concern Doctor, but I am not in Starfleet, so I don't have to listen to you." Signing out of the container with the fish tanks, Thomas steps over to the next one and opens the door. Feyd is immediately assaulted by the smells of nature and hears the bleating of sheep, quacking of ducks and clucking of chickens. An he is sure he can see a couple of cows sleeping at the far end of the container. Stepping into the container is like stepping outdoors onto a rural farm, obviously the container is designed as a mobile holo suite to keep the animals happy rather than locking them in a dark metal box.

"You may not be in Starfleet, but I can still kick you off the ship if I think that you are not fit for an extended tour on a Federation vessel." Laying a hand on Thomas's shoulder "you obviously passed the psych review and the Federation medical or you would not be here, and if you want to Stay here, you will come with me now."

[Sickbay Independence]

"Are we done now?" Picking up the PADD that Reylor keeps taking away from him so he can complete his examination.

"No, we are not done now" frustrated with his patient's inability to sit still for more than 5 seconds at a time, he's worse that a child. "I still haven't been able to determine why the transporter operator couldn't get a fix on you."

"Oh, that, you could have just asked" Thomas replied as he picks up the PADD again. "I have a pattern inhibitor implanted in me at the base of my spine, my wife has one as well. It prevents transporters from locking on to us and having our bodies disintegrated."

Suppressing a desire to put his hand over his face Reylor says "you realize that transporter technology is perfectly safe."

"And you realize that every time your body is dematerialized by a transporter, you basically die, and a copy of you is created at the other end. Neither one of us has ever been through a transporter and neither one of us ever will."

"We'll continue that discussion later, for now, head to your room and stay there." Taking the PADD away from him again "and get some rest, I'll check in on you tomorrow."


Thomas Jefferson
Captains Chef


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