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Flitter Flutter

Posted on Sun Jun 28th, 2020 @ 12:01am by Crewman Thomas Jefferson

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Planet Wilderness
Timeline: Current


Thomas was excited about having a chance to visit Risa, he had read quite a bit about the various plants and animals in the wilderness.

Knowing that Risa has is a proscribed planet where weapons are concerned, was able to get a permit to bring a low tech bow and arrow to the surface to hunt the Targol Fen, a medium sized flightless avian about the size of a large chicken. The Targol Fen is a fairly common animal in the grasslands in the back country, and is known for its rich gamey meat.

Collecting his gear and his wife, the two of them went to the shuttle bay to check out a shuttle and head to the surface.

Landing the shuttle near a copse of trees far from any form of civilization the two quickly set up camp, using the shuttle as a mobile home, and then spend their time hunting for herbs, berries and other delicacies to add to their pantry aboard ship. All the while keeping an eye out for the Targol Fen in the hopes of bagging a few of them to serve to the captain.


Thomas Jefferson
Captains Chef


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